I just wanted to read descriptions of the eggs, but it appears that once you've clicked on them they are 'yours'. No, really. I didn't mean it, it just happened.

So, the only one I'm super concerned with is the blue sparkly one that I really picked. The green one did (somehow) come with a lot of views already, so that's kind of neat. The white one is there if you feel like clicking them.

Sorry. Really.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Oh! And for those of you that have asked about why it doesn't show repeat clicks, I've discovered that it doesn't acknowledge them if I use the back button, but it will if I reload the page. Like, my LJ is my home page. So I click the egg, then click my home icon, and click again, and it counts the view. I'm not entirely convinced it doesn't count the repeat clicks with the back button, but maybe you don't see it until the page reloads? I'm not sure.

In non-time-sucking dragon news, James and I went to Akasaka last night for dinner. We don't go to Japanese steakhouses often because it's expensive, but man, do we always have a good time. Just for starters, it's fun to say Akasaka, and it's a palindrome. Anyway, we were seated next to a couple that happened to be from the same part of Tennesse as James, and who had gone to his alma mater. The husband worked in defense contracting, like me. The wife was a grammar nazi, also like me (though I've been slipping in recent years). James shared saki with the wife. Chuck Norris jokes were made. And James and I ended our meal with Tempura ice cream, which is fabulous. I wondered aloud if you had to be 21 to get the ice cream because the saki is definitely not all burned off when they light it on fire. Can't you just see groups of high schoolers hanging out at the sushi bar, trying to get wasted on liquored ice cream? So, yeah. Good times.

Edit: Jenny told me how to abandon the eggs, so I got rid of one of the white ones. :D


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