Snippets from the introduction of The Radical Reformission that make me laugh and give insight into why I'm so enamored of Pastor Mark Driscoll. He's so relatable.

"Growing up, I thought that as long as I believed in a nebulous Sky Fairy named God and was a decent, moral person outperforming those below me on the ethical food chain, I would end my life hearing the old theme song from The Jeffersons television show and be "movin' on up" to heaven with all the other good guys."

Kate's note: That first passage pretty much describes my early belief system to a 'T'. I never thought much about The Jeffersons theme song being involved, but it wouldn't have surprised me a bit.

"After a bad few weeks of a frat experience that landed me in the freshman equivalent of purgatory - a dorm - I sat down to read the Gospels. Frankly, they seemed boring because they kept saying the same thing. I wondered if the Bible wasn't written by an old man with dementia, or by a young man who had gone to my "publick skewl." As I continued to read, Jesus seemed okay, but the guys I really liked - because of their self-control and strength - were the denominational leaders of that day: the Pharisees. They were about the only guys in the cast of characters with any guts. I identified with them and was convinced they were the good guys in the story ... until they killed Jesus. I wasn't much of a theologian at the time, but murdering Jesus did seem like a bad move."

"We finally settled into a large suburban church where I felt at home because it met my criteria. First, the pastor (who looked like Mr. T) had been an NFL linebacker and knew how to kill people in self-defense. Second, he taught the Bible verse by verse in a real way, one that enabled me to have a relationship with Jesus that did not feel like he was my lifelong prom date."

Yeah, I like him. :D


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