Happy Mother's Day to all my flisty moms!

I'm enjoying Mother's Day by having no real plans beyond taking Sheridan to see the new X-Men movie with James. Sheridan LOVES X-Men and I'm always willing to watch a little shirtless Hugh Jackman.

Oh, and I have things to clean and write.

I haven't forgotten my drabbles, work has just been insane recently. By the time I'd get home in the evenings, my brain was just not up for the challenge. This week should be better, so I'm hoping to crank them out.

My mom's sick and needed me to do her grocery shopping yesterday, so I went over to her place yesterday rather than today. She'd like me to come back today, but I don't think I'll get over.

And... That's pretty much what's going on with me.
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From: [identity profile] heyurs.livejournal.com

Thank-you, Lovey! *hugs tight* Happy Mother's Day to you, too! ♥

From: [identity profile] elle-blessing.livejournal.com

Happy Mom's Day!! *SMOOSH*

(Srsly. Maybe someday. *sigh*)

From: [identity profile] dragonsangel68.livejournal.com

Happy Mother's Day! A little shirtless Hugh Jackman never goes astray ;)

From: [identity profile] goddessvicky.livejournal.com

*loves loves loves*

Happy Mother's day to you!!!!


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