Recent discussions of wedding music - or rather, 'first dance' music for the reception - on Twitter has made me curious.

For my married, or previously married, friends: What song did you and your husband first dance to at your reception?

For my unmarried but hopeful friends, is there a song you've imagined using for your first dance?

This was mine. I can't find the recorded version, but this'll do.

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Dan and I danced to "Only You" by Yazoo. It was in a movie (Can't Hardly Wait) and I just really, really liked it. It's an older song, but... awesome.

As an aside, my father and I danced to "Sweet Child o' Mine" by GNR. *grin*

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Steve and Kat changed theirs about 8 times in the weeks leading up to their wedding. They ended up dancing to something off of Sarah McLaclan's "Afterglow" album.

As for me, there are several on my list, and we'll just have to see which one gets picked once I finally find someone who can put up with my bullshit. :-D Maybe "Cheek to Cheek".

I do have one picked out for the Mother/Son dance, though... "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off" By Ella and Louis.

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My husband and I danced to the unplugged version of 10,000 Maniacs' "These Are Days".

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Hubby and I danced to Unchained Melody, performed by Righteous Brothers.

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The Lion King Version of 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight?' :D


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