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( Oct. 16th, 2007 07:29 am)
Sometimes if I get up earlier than I usually do, I go through a period of being ridiculously, painfully hungry. If I don't eat anything it will go away after a little while, but it's uncomfortable. I don't know why getting up early would affect my body's need for food, though. I don't usually eat until around 10:00, when I generally have a yogurt at work.

Poor Mer. Today was Twisted Tuesday at school, one of those school spirit days when you're supposed to dress funny. At Mer's old school these sorts of things were very popular. School spirit was a big deal and a large portion of the student body participated. Not so at the new school. We pulled up and Mer's eyes got wide. "Why isn't anyone else dressed wacky?" After seeing one other girl (out of, say, 40 students walking by) and being assured that there was not time to go home and change, she finally got out of the car.

Can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but the issue with my car is not the battery. It's the starter, apparently. I need to call my BIL's friend from church and see if he can fix it for me, along with the turn signal on Mer's car, which is (pardon the pun) on the blink. Blink blink bbbbbbbllllllliiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkk nothing nothing nothing blink nothing nothing bbblliinnnkk.

Also, Mer had a good time at the team camp out. Apparently it was cold, though. Who would've guessed? *snicker* The back window of her car now says '88 Red', which is her team's official league name. Some of the girls decided to paint other girl's car windows while they were sleeping. The paint is yellow, which amuses me a little since we are a 'red' team. We used to be the Phoenix, but then LYSA named all the teams by year and 'red' or 'white'. I'm not sure why we're '88. Our division is U18, which means the girls can't have been born prior to a certain day in 1989. Who am I to argue with the geniuses at LYSA, though?

Why no, I'm not procrastinating. Why do you ask? *cough*

Dawn, a girl with whom I work, brought in her baby yesterday. Jack is five weeks younger than Gracie, but since she was early and is just tiny in general, he's bigger than she is by a couple pounds and inches. He's the cutest little guy. He's just started giggling and he has this cute little one-sided smile that makes me want to call him Draco.

I get to see Gracie this weekend! Becky and Manny are bringing her out so we can call celebrate my BIL's birthday. James will be out, too. Mer has homecoming, so she won't be around. That means I just have to wrestle the baby from my niece so I can get some Aunt Kate/Grayson time in.

I got mail from [ profile] rainpuddle13! But, Cyn, my computer won't recognize anything on the DVD. :( It thinks it's blank - won't even give me an option other than writing to it. :( :(

There is a new, really cool expansion pack out for Sims 2, but it has a lot of bugs and I had to uninstall it. There's a patch, but it didn't fix the issues I'm having and the issues are pretty major. I'm bummed and I think I'll send a little note to EA Games asking about when they plan to fix this and how it got released with these kinds of problems. Visitors not being able to leave the lot is a big deal. Not only does it get crowded, but I seriously had about 20 newspapers on my Sims' lawn because the paper boy kept laying them down. Another family got stuck on vacation and couldn't check in or go home. When you're shelling out $30 for an expansion pack, it ought to freaking work.

Oh! [ profile] caliga_rpg is approaching D/Gness! *SQUEE* What will happen at Draco's first appointment for his scar? Will sparks fly from somewhere other than Ginny's wand? Watch the community and see. God, I'm so corny!

*sigh* Well, I'd better get in the shower and go to work. In sequence, not concurrently. Hope you all have a great day!
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 11:13 pm)
So, Mer and I visited over at R&T's. Becky and Manny brought the baby over so James' mom could see her. I didn't get to hold Gracie, but it was good to see them for a little bit. Becky will be coming back to work on the 9th, but only for two weeks. The management won't let her go part time, so she's quitting. :( She doesn't want to have Gracie in daycare if she doesn't have to, and she doesn't. They've been putting her checks into savings and just living off Manny's pay since before Grayson was born, to make sure they could afford for her to quit if it came to that. So now they've got a nice cushion of savings, and they are used to living without her income. More power to them.

We were running late for the showing of Ratatouille I'd planned to go to, so we hung out at Mom's until after dinner, and went to the 7:10 show instead. The movie was cute, and the theatre was not crowded, so that was all good. Oh, dinner was nice, too. Mom made corned beef with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Yum. My sole attempt to make corned beef was a dismal failure, so it was a bit of a treat to have that.

Mom also gave me money to get Mer a new mattress and box spring. Mer's old daybed frame wasn't able to make the move, and I didn't realize we'd pitched her box spring until we went to pull it from storage. So, her mattress has been on the floor since we moved. Mer's hoping I'll take her to Ikea to get a new bedframe, too, but that may have to wait a little bit. I'm sure I can get a metal frame tossed in with the mattress set, and that will suffice for the moment. Anyway, the point of this was really that my mom is good to me, despite my occasional griping.

I'm probably going to head to bed soon. I have a headache and I'm tired. All in all this was a good day, though. I'm feeling pretty satisfied. *hugs flist* I hope you each had very nice days, too.
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 02:30 pm)
I need a memory stick. Badly. Badly like 'OMG I NEED A MEMORY STICK!' Must stop by Walmart on the way home and get one of those.

Still no phone or internet at home. Can't get to AOL or GMAIL from work. Can't see attached pic images at work. Can't post/send fic from home, don't have a memory stick to bring it in to work. Going insane.

Why is it only 2:30ish? I want to go home.

Did I mention that I ordered new sheets as a treat to myself? I totally did. I slept on them for the first time last night. 600 tc Egyptian Cotton sateen in a gorgeous, deep red. HEAVEN! is officially my best friend.

Celebrated Mer, James and Manny's birthdays over the weekend. Loads of fun, except Sheridan hogged the baby all night. *giggles* How many nine year olds can happily sit holding a baby from 3:30 - 11:00? She only gave Grayson up when Becky needed to feed her, except for about five minutes each for Richard and Tracey to hold her, and about 30 minutes at the end of the evening when I claimed 'Aunt Kate' privileges.

I've done a little bit of settling in the apartment, but between birthday stuff and just recouping from exhaustion, this weekend was not terribly productive. Little by little it will get done. Want to spur me on? Come visit!

Mer's going to the beach the first week of July with her dad, aunt, and their friends. A week to myself! I'll be simultaneously thrilled and bored.

That's all for now. How are all of you?
Last night was one of those fun times that doesn't involve anything really extraordinary, but just a bunch of simple fun occurences that add up to one really fabulous evening.

James and I went to visit Becky, Manny and little Gracie (as Grayson is sometimes called). We chatted and cooed and made jokes that had Becky crying from laughing so hard her belly hurt. They'll be checking out of the hospital today and I'll stop by their house tomorrow to get Becky's office key (and play with the baby some more, of course).

Afterward, James and I went to Kobe for dinner. We haven't done the Japanese steakhouse thing in a long time. It was about 8:30 when we got there, so the crowd had thinned out. We got a table in the back with a family of four. (If you've never been to a Japanese steakhouse, people are seated on three sides of the grill. The chef cooks your food in front of you in a most entertaining fashion. Onion volcanoes forever!) Our tablemates were a couple in there early 50s, I'd guess, and their two kids, who were in their early twenties. We gelled with them right away. Our chef was the best we've ever had. He was hilarious. People at other tables were staring at us because we were laughing so loudly. We were really very raucous. It was awesome. We totally had the party table.

We were very easy on our chef, too. The mom and daughter had chicken, the son and I had steak, and the dad and James had filet mignon. All the beef eaters wanted their meat cooked medium rare. Our chef liked us.

After that James went to Coldstone to grab some ice cream. I was stuffed, so I just waited in the car. As he was about to leave, the family from the restaurant walked in and asked James if he was stalking them. He said, "Yes, in reverse!"

When we got home I started playing around online, looking for new music to check out. I happened across a Japanese punk band, based out of New York and had to call James in to listen to them. The song I found was tailor made for our evening last night. Are you ready? I'm going to quote the song, then giggle madly while you all groan. Please forgive my poor use of phonetics, but these guys were heavily accented.

I have a question for you!

How would you like cook you-ah steak?

How would you like cook you-ah steak?

How would you like cook you-ah STEAK?




Oh my goodness, I about died laughing.
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( Apr. 26th, 2007 11:54 pm)
I left work early today because Meredith had a 4:00 doctor's appt. Mer had told me not to park in the small lot right in front of the school because the buses would be pulling in around the time I picked her up. I got there a bit early and I went ahead and parking in that lot anyway, figuring there should be room to get by the buses parking in the front circle. What I didn't realize was that the buses not only park around the little circle, th ey also park through the small lot. So, by the time I came back out I was completely blocked in with no hope of getting my car out in time for the doctor's appt. Being the utterly delusional person that I am, I decided that the doctor's office was only about a mile (or maybe a tiny bit more) away - we could walk!

This is where the little part of my brain that understands that fat & utterly out of shape + distance walking = a bad idea should have piped up. No such luck.

So, we walked. Eventually I had to send Meredith on ahead of me because my legs from the knee down were killing me. I practically did the Tim Conway shuffle into the doctor's office when I finally got there. It was oh so sad. Pathetic, even.

My plan once I realized that walking and I were not great friends was to have James pick us up on his way home from work, but the appointment didn't take very long. We'd have had to wait another 45 minutes for James to arrive. So, we walked home. Home is closer than the school, so I just waited for James to get home so he could drive me up to get my car. Occasionally I am really dumb.

Tonight I had dinner at Becky and Manny's and helped clean up their house for the baby shower this weekend. It seemed only fair since I have to 'host' it at their place. My house just couldn't hold all the people Becky invited, not to mention it's not exactly sparkling clean either. Lugging Becky's friggin' Kirby vacuum around was not fun, though. Especially after all the exercise I'd already gotten. It was nice to hang out with them, though. It seems like forever since the days where we all got together several times a week.

Manny is the first RL person I've allowed to read my fics. He seemed to sincerely like them, and he told me that I really needed to update Anniversary. *snort*

We've heard from some of Mer's acquaintances that Tyler (the guy being charged with stalking her) made bail and skipped back down to Georgia. Since he's only charged with misdemeanors, VA probably will not pursue him unless he's caught back in this state. Meredith is understandably upset, and I'm pretty peeved myself. If he doesn't show up for court, I'll break into full-on pissed.
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( Dec. 4th, 2006 10:51 pm)
Hooray for MAIL! When I finally got home around 8:30 this evening, James said, "I'm jealous of you. You have three cards in the mail." And I DID! [ profile] heyurs sent me a super nice card that made me feel all warm and loved, and I got Christmas cards with very sweet messages from [ profile] castoffstarter and [ profile] rainpuddle13! What a great way to end a very long day!

Now I just need to get on the stick and mail out my Christmas stuff.

In life news, my grandmother is out of the hospital. She's staying in a nursing home for the next two weeks to finish recuperating. Apparently she got a nurse in the ICU fired. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, but I'll share when I find out more.

Mom is flying home on Wednesday, so I only have to feed the kitty tomorrow night and then pick Mom and Kenny up from the airport at lunchtime Wednesday. I love my family, and my mom's cat, but I'll be very glad to be done with that extra driving every night. And Punkin (the cat) is lonely, so she'll be happy to have company again.

Last night Becky started bleeding a little and went to the hospital. She and the babies seem to be fine, but she's on medical leave until her OB clears her to come back to work. She had an appointment scheduled for Wednesday anyway, so she'll probably be back to work on Thursday. Aside from having a fright, the biggest concern Becky has is that they did a sonogram at the hospital which means she probably won't have one at her appointment like she was supposed to, and she had hoped to get more pictures from it. The hospital, of course, is not set up for that sort of thing.

I have to say, far too many people I know have been in the hospital in the past few weeks. Nobody else can be ill! *points authoritative finger at you all*

I finally turned in my exchange fic this weekend. I was not very happy with it. I'm hoping my dgsmuttakah story turns out better.

I need Christmas-y icons.

That's all for now.

*hugs to all*
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( Jun. 18th, 2006 12:02 am)
Since it will be the 18th by the time I click the button to post this:

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( Jun. 9th, 2006 04:37 pm)
I am so bored. Bored, bored, bored. I.AM.BORED.

Tonight James, Mer & I might get together with Becky & Manny. That'll be nice. Meredith's usually at her dad's when we see them, so it's been awhile since they've gotten together with her. And we can play with their new kitten.

Oh! Thank you to everyone that kept Becky in your thoughts and prayers. Her IVF was successful! She and Manny are expecting! It's too early to tell if it's one or both of the embryos that implanted. Continued good wishes for the health of Becky and the baby would be very much appreciated, as it is still very early in her pregnancy.

I've gotten a little writing done on Pud's Challenge and my L&N inspired fic. I hope to work more on them, and maybe my other stories, this weekend. James is helping Richard move some stuff tomorrow, so if I can just find a person for Mer to hang ou with, I'll have the house to myself for a little while! How nice that would be.

I had half a BLTA sandwich and a chocolate malt from Red Robin for lunch today. The carbs are making me sleepy. Zzzzzzz
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( Jun. 8th, 2006 12:40 pm)
By the time I got lunch today, I was starting to shake from low blood sugar. I was eating pretty close to my usual time, but this morning I stopped and picked up venti Mocha Frappucino goodness. I don't normally have more than a small cup of coffee in the mornings. Then I had to walk to the other building and back, in the heat, shortly before lunchtime. Physical activity is not my strongsuit, being the chunky monkey that I am. Now I've eaten my six-inch Spicy Italian from Subway, and my body is telling me I should have gotten the 12-inch. I figure once I start to digest a bit, the amount I had will be plenty. It's just that my body hasn't quite come off of its frantic mode.

This doesn't happen to me often, but it's gone on periodically for a long time. Diabetes swings from most branches of my family tree, and I fully expect to end up with it myself, though I have not been diagnosed with it yet. It's not fun, and yet that hasn't been enough to push me to eat any better. Or to exercise. I can be very dense about some things.

In other news, Becky and Manny got a kitten last night. Her name is Gigi. She's very cute and looks a lot like Meredith's cat, Lucky.

My nephew, Pike, just got accepted into the accelerated program at school. Sheridan is in it, too, of course. Yay for Pike!

My niece, Jessica, has just moved to Orlando. She graduated from nursing school this spring and is waiting to take her boards. She'll be working in the bone marrow unit of a local hospital. Her boyfriend of several years has lived in Orlando for about six months. Being good Christian kiddies, they are not living together, though we expect news of an engagement at any time.

Meredith had to do a project for her ASL II class. She had to make a videotape where she introduced herself and told about her life. Then she was to transcribe it and make a photo album of the things she talked about. Since it was due early this week, and her aunt's boyfriend works in video editing, and they were both in Hawaii, Steve made the video of Meredith on their trip. It's turned out really well. Meredith stood by the balcony, wind in her hair, with a view of a pretty canal behind her, and signed all about herself. I don't know how her transcription and photo album compared to the other kids', but I doubt anyone had as neat a video.

Risa (forgotten_poems on MNFF) made me the icon I'm using. Since only she and I were in on the conversation where that quote came from, I don't expect many people to understand it. It cracks me up, though.

Meredith, tanning, and the telephone - her dream life )


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