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( Nov. 30th, 2008 02:12 pm)
If you want a Christmas card from me and you haven't given me your address yet, please go here: and leave it for me. Comments on that post are screened.

Now off to continue plugging away at my exchange fic in hopes of turning it in by midnight. :D
So, a few months ago I offered up some of Mer's old clothes to people. Terribly sorry for the delay, 'late' is generally how I roll. Yesterday I finally mailed those out.

Except Nicole's, because I'm pretty sure she moved after I got her address and I didn't want to send the package to the wrong place in Canada. That would be bad. So, Nicole, if you would go here: and leave me your new address, I'll get that out to you this coming week. And you'll get a Christmas card, too.

In fact, if anyone wants a Christmas/other holiday card they should also click on that link and leave me their address, assuming they haven't already done so.

I'm rambling. You get the drift.

In news of things even less scintillating, I'm making a Romy mood theme. It is a long and tedious process, but I want one. Depending on how long it takes me, I may do some for my other characters. We'll see. There are some already-made mood themes for various VRs around, but I've had a hard time finding ones I like. Call me picky. I did manage to find a decent one for Reilly, only to discover that the Si Muove rpg community is set up to use smileys on all entries. Oh well, at least her journal entries will have pretty moods.

I'm almost out of milk and I don't want to go out. Maybe Meredith will stop by today and I can send her erranding for me. *hopes*

Oh, and since music spamming is the thing to do lately, here's my contribution. I love William Joseph. (Dr.Phil? Not so much.)

It's time again for me to collect addresses for Christmas cards. This year I intend to actually send them all out.

So, if you want a card from me, you can leave me your address here. Replies are screened.

If you're on my flist and you want to send me a card, my address is here:
I've gotten Christmas cards! Yay! Thank you [ profile] rainpuddle13, [ profile] lyndsiefenele, and [ profile] 60sfreak!

I'm aiming to send out my international cards this weekend.

I'm WAY behind on my Christmas shopping, but my child support came in today, so I can start getting busy with that. I'll still be doing last minute shopping, but I can trim it down a little.

Mer's boyfriend has gotten her two gifts, his mom has gotten her two gifts, his sister has a gift for her, and his little brother wants to get her something, too. She's tried to tell him that they need to chill out with the presents because we can't afford to reciprocate in kind, but I'm not sure he's passed the information along to his mom. I may have to give her a call. It's very sweet that they like Mer so much, but it puts us in an awkward position.

And Mer has lost her glasses, which means I've got to shell out another $200 (assuming I can still get the sale price). She's well aware I'd like to throttle her right now.

There is a plan for my ficmas fic, now I just need to write it.

Hey, how do you pronounce Caliga? Perse voiceposted recently and pronounced it differently than I do, so now I'm curious what everyone else says.

I need to post answers to my lyric meme. I know you're all waiting with bated breath.

I hope all of you that have exams going on are getting through it without too much stress and exhaustion.

Happy birthday to the token male on my flist, Brenton! I hope it's fabulous.

I totally forgot my happy pills this morning. Damn. I need to keep them in my purse.

My office firewall has not blocked LJ in over a week. Not sure how long this will last, but I'm very happy about it right now.
So, I sent out most of my Christmas cards today. The rest will go out soon. However, if you would like a card, and you haven't given me your address yet, please do! You can leave the address here:

Quick! Before it's too late!

Moving on...

Are you reading [ profile] caliga_rpg? You should, it's lots of fun.

Hmm... That's really about it. I just wanted to toss out the Christmas card offer one more time. In case you didn't notice it above, you can sign up for a Christmas card here:
Hey! There are still a few folks on the flist who I'd love to send Christmas cards to, but who have not given me their addresses. Now, of course, I understand if you don't want to give out your address, but if you would like a card from me and you have not given me your address yet, please do it now.

Just go to this post: and leave me your contact info. Comments on that post are screened.

Alternatively, you can email me your address. My email is kateinva at gmail dot com.
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( Nov. 11th, 2007 10:29 pm)
Just a reminder, if you would like a Christmas card from me, please go to this post:

and leave me your address. Comments are screened.
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( Sep. 17th, 2007 07:41 am)
I know I've gained some LJ friends since last year, and some of my friends have moved. If you'd like to receive a card from me this holiday season, please leave me a comment with your address. Comments are screened. If you aren't comfortable giving me your physical address and would prefer an e-card, you can just leave me your email address.

Ho ho ho and all that.
This morning I was very late to work. Meredith missed the bus again, so I drove her to school. She's been doing that a lot lately and it's getting on my last nerve. Who misses an 8:15 bus? When I was in high school, my bus came at 6:50. Her's a clue, child - Get up before 7:30 and you might make it on time! Then I drove to work, only to realize that I had left my laptop at home. *headdesk* Had I a PKI card, I would have just worked from home, but I haven't ordered one yet and my old VPN doesn't work, so I had to come back to the office. (The PKI card and VPN are the two possible ways to access my office server from home.) I finally got back in around 11:30. I should probably order the PKI card. Add that to the to-do list for today.

I realized today that I forgot to mention that I got a Christmas card from [ profile] ccnancke recently. I'm not sure how I let that slip by without mention, but I've corrected it now. Yay for mail from Christina! I love international mail. (Not to be confused with International Male, which is fun to look at, but for different reasons.)

I also got a Christmas card from [ profile] twinkly this weekend! Not international, but all the way from Hawaii! And it had a sketch of Ginny, which made me squee because [ profile] twinkly makes such pretty pictures.

[ profile] blackholly has posted an exerpt from Ironside, the sequel to Tithe, and is having a competition for advance copies of the book. If you're a Holly Black fan, check it out! For me, the exerpt reaffirmed the fact that Roiben is the fairy I'd most like to hook up with. (Maybe I'm just partial to pale fellows with sharp features and silvery hair.)

I'm looking at new cell phone plans, since James and I will need separate accounts at some point anyway. I need to get something with a huge amount of texting included, so that Meredith can have a phone and I won't be surprised by $250 in text charges. She really does need to have one, though, now that she's running around all the time. She wants a pink Razor phone for Christmas. I don't know about that, but maybe a less fancy cell phone. We'll see how much they cost.

When I picked Mer up from her dad's yesterday she informed me that Rob was no longer dating the most recent girlfriend because she has herpes, but that he'd been tested and was okay. Two things went through my mind at this piece of information. First, why on Earth would Rob (or his family, I'm not sure who spilled the beans) feel the need to share this sort of news with his daughter? Ick. That's firmly on the list of Things Meredith Does Not Need to Know About Her Dad. Second, Rob has the worst luck with dating of anyone I've ever known. Last fall it was Stalker!Girlfriend, this year it's Valtrex!Woman. Dude should become a monk or something. Dating clearly is not his forte.


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