First off, let me apologize profusely for not having wished Ayla a happy birthday ON her birthday. So, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, AYLA!

And a big happy birthday to Yssa, too!

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( Jan. 20th, 2008 09:55 pm)
So, January is apparently the month that members of my household faint. Last week it was Mer. Today, it was me. *eye roll* I went to help James move his things from his rental place out in BFE into storage, and after about half an hour of relatively minor physical labor, down I went like a sack of bricks. I'm now sporting a palm-sized, squishy lump on the back of my head where it bounced off the tile floor. Apparently I had a little seizure after I fell, but I woke up and aside from said squishy lump, a bit of a headache, a stiff neck, and a little wooziness if I look down for too long, I'm fine. I'll probably call the doctor and see if they're open tomorrow just to be sure there's nothing to be concerned about, but I feel better than I would've expected. I did feel really guilty for not being able to help move stuff the rest of the day, though. Thankfully, Richard and Tracey were also helping, so James still got stuff loaded in the truck.

Mer, by the way, never did go to a cardiologist. The one the hospital wanted to send her to wasn't on our insurance and we had to follow up with our primary physician anyway. He didn't think we had anything to be concerned about other than making sure she's better hydrated. He also decided she has acid reflux, probably related to the recurrent digestive issues she gets. So now she's on Nexium and is supposed to drink more water and fewer sports drinks like Gatorade and Propel (too much salt).
I had a GYN appointment this morning. Fabulous way to start your day, let me tell you. Now I'm about to actually go to work. Any minute now I'll be heading out the door. Really.

Bah. I'm tired. Wish I could curl up in bed for a little while before heading in, but I really shouldn't.

I've not yet mailed the gifts that I need to mail. Not that there are a lot of them, since I'm low on funds this year. Anyway, they'll probably be late. Ditto for my out-of-country cards. I haven't made it to the PO to get appropriate stamps, so they've not gone out yet either. I'm working on it.

Need to finish my ficmas story and get it betaed for Saturday.

Also need to finish Christmas shopping. I've got Mer mostly done, but there are a few others (Mom, Sher, Pike, Maiken, etc...) for whom I still have to buy gifts.

Need to help Mer with the gifts she's making. Yes, making. We'll see if we can get finished by Sunday.

Aargh. Gotta run. Wish I could nap. Starbucks is inevitable and justified.

*love to Urs*
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( Nov. 29th, 2007 07:46 am)
- Gave in to temptation and joined [ profile] caliga_rpg. Am now playing Susan Bones. Must think on possible plotlines. (BTW - there are a couple characters open if anyone else is interested in playing. Hermione and Alicia, if I remember correctly.)

- Had my physical on Tuesday. It seems I'm pre-diabetic, which is not really a shock but sucks anyway. They are doing some additional lab work to make sure it is still in the 'pre' stage, and not full blown diabetes. Doctor orders diet and exercise, blah blah blah.

- Also had my boosters for flu and tetnus. The injections didn't hurt, but my upper arms are a bit sore now. Mainly from the tetnus shot. The flu shots are generally no big deal.

- Mer wants to give her hermit crabs to her little cousins Tommy and Joey for Christmas. She's apparently run this by her Aunt Sherri, and it's okay with her. Whatever. At least I'll be passing them off in a much better habitat than I received them.

- James is now living with Richard and Tracey. He hasn't cleared out his old place yet, but he will be doing that soon. Hopefully the landlord will find someone to rent the place so James can stop paying for it. He's pretty much stuck for December, but getting out of January would be helpful to him.

- It's cold in my room and I'd like to go back to bed. Must quit staying up so late. I say that a lot. Maybe one day I'll actually do it.
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( Jun. 27th, 2007 12:39 pm)
... is at work with me today. She says 'hi'. In a liitle while we're leaving to pick up the screens for the old house, go to the gastroenterologist, meet with James so I can sign the Explorer over to him, and have dinner with my mom and brothers. Until then, Mer is reminding me periodically that my office is not an exciting place to be. You know, in case I forget.
Thank God it's Friday. This week has dragged on and on, and I've accomplished virtually nothing. *sigh* At least I remembered to pay my rent on time, though. Yay me.

Responses to my question yesterday were interesting. I got six yeses, four nos, and one combination of the two. I suppose it's a definitive maybe.

Meredith came home early yesterday because she was feeling poorly. She's had a cold and cough for a couple weeks. The school nurse said that there have been a couple cases of Whooping Cough at the school, and that we should probably take Mer to the doctor to see if she's got it. So, this morning I took her to the doctor. He said he doesn't think she had Whooping Cough, just a sinus infection, but he put her on an antibiotic that would take care of either issue just in case. I dropped her off at school, ran some errands, and came to work. As I walked into my office my cell phone rang, it was the school nurse. Apparently Virginia school regulations state that any child suspected of having Whooping Cough must stay out of school for five days, so that they don't infect other kids. I explained that Mer isn't suspected of having it, the doc just prescribed an medicine that would treat it as a precautionary measure. It's much more likely that she has a sinus infection. In any case, the nurse said (apologetically), with any infection she needs to stay home for 24 hours after starting antibiotics. In order for them to allow her back without the five day banishment, I have to get the doctor to fax them a letter stating that he doesn't not suspect she has Whooping Cough.


1) According to the doctor, Whooping Cough can be dangerous for babies and other such small people, but for adult-sized folks it isn't really that big a deal. This regulation may make sense for elementary school children, but for high schoolers it's kind of stupid.
2) Sinus infections are pretty low on the contagious scale.
3) Meredith does not need to miss more school. Seriously folks, she does not need your help to get crummy grades.

At least I talked them into letting her walk home. I'd just gotten to work when they called. I was not about to turn right around and drive 40 minutes back to P'Ville. Now if the doctor would just call me back.

And Lys leaves for Italy in six days. *sniffle*
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( Dec. 20th, 2006 12:30 pm)
I think I have an ear infection. That's very odd. You never think about that as something adults get; it's usually a toddler thing. *shrug* I'm off next week, so I'll see about visiting the doctor then.

The Project Control girls, and our supervisor Jeff, went to lunch to celebrate my birthday (the 30th) and Becky's birthday (yesterday). Jeff decided that we discussed enough business to call it a working lunch, so I get to charge my lunch hour to overhead AND Jeff picked up the bill and deemed it a 'teambuilding' expense. My job is pretty blah overall, but I <3 my boss and the girls I work with.

Now back to work, where the list of things to accomplish today and the rest of this week is getting longer and longer. Blergh.

ETA: It is 9:09 p.m. and I am STILL AT WORK! And I still need to go to the grocery and buy ingredients for Meredith to make something edible for an ASL project/party thing tomorrow. @.@

I wanna go home!
So the run down of exciting things today.

Cut for those of you who don't want to read about earwax )

Also, there is a thuggish girl threatening Meredith. I spoke with the school officer today about it, and he spoke to the girl and her father. Hopefully it will stop now. If not, I'll drag her punk ass into court because it is a felony to threaten someone via email. Usually I try to let kids work things out between themselves, but this girl's gone a bit far and I'm tired of it. Don't fuck with my kid.

I did end up getting a couple hours to myself. That part of the day was nice.

Also, big hugs and lots of love and prayers for Gina. I'm so sorry for what you're going through, love. I'm here if you need to talk.


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