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( Feb. 6th, 2008 04:34 pm)
I am so very ready to go home. SO READY. But no. I'm stuck here for another half hour at the very least, more likely an hour. *bangs head repeatedly*

In other news, Romy *points at icon* is a horrific bitch sometimes. Seriously. She should not deal with other women at all- especially when she's feeling rejected. It's like putting two beta fish in the same bowl.

I have to stop staying up so late. I say that all. the. time. One of these days I'll act on it.

There is pork roast waiting for me at home! Yay!

Um... Yeah, I guess that's it for now. Total spam post.
Meredith's official soccer season is over. They ended up in 5th place in the division. Final record 4-3-2; 18 goals scored, 11 goals given up. We have a one day tourney in Delaware on the Sunday after Thanksgiving because it's a great idea to drive hours north in late fall to stand outside all day so you can drive hours back home so you don't miss school/work the next day. *shakes head* My plan for Thanksgiving weekend - I get to be really freakin' cold and tired. Hot dog! Then around the new year they'll start their indoor games. Those are fun - very fast paced, no out-of-bounds, and warm.

I have stromboli in the oven. I <3 stromboli. I don't allow myself to eat it very often, though, because it is god awful fattening. This particular stromboli confuses me a little. At least the packaging does. There are very clear directions for both convection and microwave ovens. The microwave directions state plainly that you should take off the foil wrapping before you cook the stromboli. That makes perfect sense in theory, but there isn't actually any foil wrapping on the stromboli. Bizarre.

I brought work home tonight and there is no way I can allow myself to ignore it because I have a meeting at 10:00 tomorrow morning in which I will need to have this spend plan in good order. Bah. Really not into that tonight. Would much rather read a new chapter of 3K. Of course, there isn't currently a new chapter of 3K to read, but that's not really the point.

The mail I've been intending to send out will hopefully make it to the Post Office by next weekend. My friend Cynthia's daughter is two months old, I should probably get her gift down there. Not to mention some things I've promised folks around here.

Which reminds me, I need a new color printer cartridge. A trip to Walmart is on the list for tomorrow anyway, so I'll pick one up then. Must remember to return the car battery I thought I needed, but didn't.

Clean laundry is taking over my bed. That should probably be folded before the cats get too cozy on it and it loses the 'clean' and just becomes laundry again.

That's all for now.
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( Oct. 6th, 2007 10:43 pm)
Gilderoy Lockhart was not a nice man with a charming ego problem! Why are there so many people who are willing to overlook the fact that he was a total fraud who Obliviated people on a regular basis, and who was intending to Obliviate Harry and Ron and leave them to be killed by the basilisk? Come on, folks, quit writing him off as quirky! He was not a good man!

'Overplayed the evil a bit', my ass.

/rant resulting from a less than stellar review

In other news, I used half of my Avobath bath bomb tonight. Hurray for fizzy, fragrant, green bathwater! I smell very nice now. Not that I was especially stinky before, mind. While soaking, I plotted a Ginny/Draco (non-smut) scene for 'The Proposal'. *grins happily*

I miss Emmie, but I hope she's having a great time at the retreat this weekend.

Richard (my brother-in-law) made really yummy mac & cheese tonight. Tomorrow he's making stuffed cabbage. I love living near people I like who can cook!

Mer is at the Taylor Swift/Brad Paisley concert tonight.

Mer and I are having lunch with my mom tomorrow.

I watched 'Knocked Up' the other night with Richard (the BFish-type guy). It was pretty cute. I have 'Miss Potter' here, too. I should watch that soon.
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( Feb. 7th, 2007 02:37 pm)
- I am working on the one-sentence fics. Really. You guys gave me hard ones this time! (And Lady R's prompt is Just. Plain. Evil.)

- I woke up to two inches of snow this morning. It gave me an excuse to be late to work. (Like I really need an excuse.)

- I miss FIA. I hope Lyndsie is finished soon, but I won't bug her about it because I know she is working as quickly as she can.

- I have been a TOTAL slacker today. I just stood in Susan's office chatting for the last 30 minutes or so. We were discussing infidelity, and it's awfulness. Cheating spouses suck, and should be subjected to torture. Real torture, not the wussy not-really-torture stuff people whine about at Guantanamo Bay. Fortunately, that has never been one of the problems in my marriage.

- I have just finished a chocolate muffin with chocolate chips inside. And I still have rice pudding in the fridge. Moo.

- I need to call the IRS. Blergh.

- I'm using my penis icon in honor of Lys, who has just been to see David.

That's all for now.


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