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( May. 10th, 2009 10:17 am)
Happy Mother's Day to all my flisty moms!

I'm enjoying Mother's Day by having no real plans beyond taking Sheridan to see the new X-Men movie with James. Sheridan LOVES X-Men and I'm always willing to watch a little shirtless Hugh Jackman.

Oh, and I have things to clean and write.

I haven't forgotten my drabbles, work has just been insane recently. By the time I'd get home in the evenings, my brain was just not up for the challenge. This week should be better, so I'm hoping to crank them out.

My mom's sick and needed me to do her grocery shopping yesterday, so I went over to her place yesterday rather than today. She'd like me to come back today, but I don't think I'll get over.

And... That's pretty much what's going on with me.
I just wanted to read descriptions of the eggs, but it appears that once you've clicked on them they are 'yours'. No, really. I didn't mean it, it just happened.

So, the only one I'm super concerned with is the blue sparkly one that I really picked. The green one did (somehow) come with a lot of views already, so that's kind of neat. The white one is there if you feel like clicking them.

Sorry. Really.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Oh! And for those of you that have asked about why it doesn't show repeat clicks, I've discovered that it doesn't acknowledge them if I use the back button, but it will if I reload the page. Like, my LJ is my home page. So I click the egg, then click my home icon, and click again, and it counts the view. I'm not entirely convinced it doesn't count the repeat clicks with the back button, but maybe you don't see it until the page reloads? I'm not sure.

In non-time-sucking dragon news, James and I went to Akasaka last night for dinner. We don't go to Japanese steakhouses often because it's expensive, but man, do we always have a good time. Just for starters, it's fun to say Akasaka, and it's a palindrome. Anyway, we were seated next to a couple that happened to be from the same part of Tennesse as James, and who had gone to his alma mater. The husband worked in defense contracting, like me. The wife was a grammar nazi, also like me (though I've been slipping in recent years). James shared saki with the wife. Chuck Norris jokes were made. And James and I ended our meal with Tempura ice cream, which is fabulous. I wondered aloud if you had to be 21 to get the ice cream because the saki is definitely not all burned off when they light it on fire. Can't you just see groups of high schoolers hanging out at the sushi bar, trying to get wasted on liquored ice cream? So, yeah. Good times.

Edit: Jenny told me how to abandon the eggs, so I got rid of one of the white ones. :D
Saw a fabulous bumper sticker on the way home today:

Hope is not a foreign policy. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Odd occurrences of late (note the common denominator of Meredith):

- Meredith drove to Quizno's, parked the car, and waited for another car to pass before she crossed the parking lot to get to the store. As she crossed, the car she'd waited for stopped and backed into her, then drove off. Yes, she's fine. I did get a very incredulous call, though. "Someone ran into me!" Then she opted for the comfort of Coldstone over the numminess of Quizno's.

- Saturday night around 10:30 I heard the door to the apartment open. Assuming it was Meredith, who'd spent the evening visiting her friends from our old house, I called, "Hello." A very male, "Hi, Mom" was the response. I recognized the voice as belonging to Mer's ex-boyfriend Derek, and assumed that they'd hooked up somewhere over the course of the evening and she'd brought him home to hang out. As I was running around in my jammies, I started for my bedroom door to tell Mer I wasn't dressed for company and I'd rather she took Derek home. Just before I got to the door, Derek asked, "Is she back there with you?" He wasn't with Meredith at all. The boy had just walked into my home like he lived here!

- Around 11:00 Saturday night, Mer called to tell me she'd locked the keys in the car. In Leesburg. (Read: 30 minutes away.) We only have one working car at the moment because I haven't gotten the convertible fixed from her little run-in with the curb several weeks ago. Fortunately her dad was able to bring her home and James took me to get the car on Sunday. We had to jump start it because Meredith had locked the keys inside with the radio on.

Other random things:

- Went to see Prince Caspian with James and Sheridan yesterday. Had a good time. Sheridan liked it, but was disappointed that it didn't remain faithful to the book. A hard lesson to learn at the age of 10.

- Speaking of Sheridan, she amuses me. (I know, not exactly news.) The other day I went over to Richard and Tracey's to pick up the lasagna and barbeque Richard had saved for me - Have I mentioned my love for my BIL? - and Sheridan was slicing up a Japanese persimmon. She'd never had one before and wanted to try it. She cut a piece for me, too, and after I'd eaten it she asked my opinion. I told her that I liked it, it was sweet. Sher said, "I like it, too. It's subtle." And it was. I smiled and Mer gave Sher the 'Could you be any freaking smarter?' stare.
I made pirate panty icons and a few text icons. Woo hoo!

Iconses! )

Other items of note (or that I feel like sharing, noteworthy or not):

- Today is my 11th wedding anniversary. Obviously didn't celebrate it, as James and I are separated.
- Went to see Iron Man with Mom, Kenny, James, and Mer. Enjoyed it, although I'm not as rapturous over it as a lot of people.
- Elephants have moved in above me. Graceless elephants. Wish they would learn how to walk without shaking the freaking building. Seriously, I never heard my previous upstairs neighbors. The new ones are clomping around 24/7. Annoying. Might have to say something.
- I do not understand the appeal of Rod Stewart. Can't stand his music.
- I'm out of milk again. I bought two gallons last weekend. Apparently we are some serious milk drinkers. Not really a surprise. Ovaltine FTW!
- I think I'm going to take a 401K loan and pay off the personal loan I have. On the one hand, I hate to deplete my 401K, but on the other hand, it's trading a ridiculously high interest rate for a very low one. The 401K loan is repaid directly out of my paycheck in an amount of time I get to select, AND it doesn't show up on my credit report. Not to mention that I'm paying the interest to myself, essentially, with a 401K loan. Decision: Benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
- I want to scene more. Who wants to scene with me? In Caliga I've got Susan, Romy, Miles, and Sam. In Muove I've got Susan, Romy, and Emma. They're all looking at you with puppy eyes. Play with them.
- Speaking of scening, I'm planning to audition another Caliga character. Yeah, I know. I know.
- Continuing to speak of RPGs, if you aren't playing, are you reading? Why not? Go, read. It's fun! [ profile] caliga_rpg and [ profile] si_muove_rpg. Check 'em out.
- Need to send out snail mail. Badly. Am a bad friend.
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( Nov. 29th, 2007 07:46 am)
- Gave in to temptation and joined [ profile] caliga_rpg. Am now playing Susan Bones. Must think on possible plotlines. (BTW - there are a couple characters open if anyone else is interested in playing. Hermione and Alicia, if I remember correctly.)

- Had my physical on Tuesday. It seems I'm pre-diabetic, which is not really a shock but sucks anyway. They are doing some additional lab work to make sure it is still in the 'pre' stage, and not full blown diabetes. Doctor orders diet and exercise, blah blah blah.

- Also had my boosters for flu and tetnus. The injections didn't hurt, but my upper arms are a bit sore now. Mainly from the tetnus shot. The flu shots are generally no big deal.

- Mer wants to give her hermit crabs to her little cousins Tommy and Joey for Christmas. She's apparently run this by her Aunt Sherri, and it's okay with her. Whatever. At least I'll be passing them off in a much better habitat than I received them.

- James is now living with Richard and Tracey. He hasn't cleared out his old place yet, but he will be doing that soon. Hopefully the landlord will find someone to rent the place so James can stop paying for it. He's pretty much stuck for December, but getting out of January would be helpful to him.

- It's cold in my room and I'd like to go back to bed. Must quit staying up so late. I say that a lot. Maybe one day I'll actually do it.
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( Sep. 11th, 2007 05:01 pm)
Like my Alice icon? I know, I know, her hair isn't right, but she was pale and waifish, and it has that whole red/white/black theme going on. Also, if you look carefully, I colored her eyes to show that she's not thirsty right now. *cough*

I'm getting close to the end of Eclipse, but I'm not quite done yet. Bella is still irritating me. Or, I should say she's irritating me again. I wasn't as upset with her in New Moon as some of you indicated you were. Anyway, I'll write up my thoughts after I finish the rest of this last book.

Speaking of books, I don't think I ever shared my thoughts on City of Bones. I won't go into the plot, but basically... )

I've gotten lots of mail in the last couple days! I got TWO cards and a totally cute DRABBLE from Emmie, and letters from Cyn and Gina! I've said it before and I'll say it again - my friends ROCK!

Oh, and I'm feeling better now. Thank you for all the well wishes! *reiterates bit about friends who rock*

On a sad note, I've decided to put down my handsome black kitty, Jinx. His mobility has gotten really bad due to his neurological problems. It's time. He's not in pain, and he's generally a pretty happy cat, but he doesn't really walk anymore. He pulls himself along with his front paws most of the time. He has a very hard time navigating the litter box, and often falls back out - right through his mess. He has thyroid issues. The fact that he's not sick or in pain makes it really difficult, though. I wouldn't feel as guilty if he was miserable. So, that's happening on Thursday. James is coming out to see him tomorrow. I haven't told Mer yet, but I will tonight. I will miss my little dude. He's a pretty awesome cat.

So tonight I've got to clean up a bit around the house. It's embarrassingly unchanged since James was last over - a month or two ago... I also need to do laundry.

Also, later this evening I'm having dinner with Richard. And I need to go buy cat food and milk. *sigh* I'm glad Mer's practice was cancelled!
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( Jul. 28th, 2007 02:15 pm)
Well, I made a list this morning of things I wanted to accomplish and I've pretty much done everything. It wasn't a long list, mind you, but it's an accomplishment just the same.

James is spending the weekend over at Richard & Tracey's since his mom's in town, so I called him over to help me haul stuff to Salvation Army. I got rid of 3 boxes of clothes, 3 boxes of household items and whatnot, a big bag of baskets (yay alliteration!), a student desk, and a dining room table. Hurray for more space in the apartment!

I also took out three bags of trash, plus one from my car. o.O

I've done the dishes, except for a couple pots. The dish drainer was full and I didn't want to balance them precariously on top, so they'll get done after the others dry.

I've done two loads of laundry and taken a shower.

And I'm eating lunch right now.

Wow! I was more productive than I thought! Go me!

Mer and I went to Blockbuster last night. She's watching bad horror flicks now. Occasionally I can't help making a sarcastic comment about the acting or the supposed plot, which earns me an annoyed 'Do you mind?' look.

Once I'm done eating, I'll head over to R&T's place to visit for a short while. Then I have to go take my brother to the movies. My mom suggested OotP, but since I've seen it and Kenny is pretty easy to please, I think we'll see Ratatouille instead. Besides, the rat movie is likely to be less crowded than the Potter flick. I despise crowded theatres. Mer's coming, too. We're trying to convince my mom to come, but theatres are so loud now that she's not a big fan.

After the movie, we're having dinner with Mom. I think she's cooking, not taking us out, which is always interesting. Having grown up on my mom's cooking, I can enjoy most anything, but she does have some unusual food creations. She does make a good meatloaf, though, as long as she's not feeling too imaginative. *mutters about the sacrilege of green olives in meatloaf*

Looking at my day, I'm starting to feel a little tired. *sigh* Well, I'd better press on!

*hugs* to my Emmie, who lost her beloved kitty, Smokey. And *hugs* to the far-too-numerous friends who are still going through rough patches for one reason or another. We all need to feel better!
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( Jun. 27th, 2007 12:39 pm)
... is at work with me today. She says 'hi'. In a liitle while we're leaving to pick up the screens for the old house, go to the gastroenterologist, meet with James so I can sign the Explorer over to him, and have dinner with my mom and brothers. Until then, Mer is reminding me periodically that my office is not an exciting place to be. You know, in case I forget.
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 02:30 pm)
I need a memory stick. Badly. Badly like 'OMG I NEED A MEMORY STICK!' Must stop by Walmart on the way home and get one of those.

Still no phone or internet at home. Can't get to AOL or GMAIL from work. Can't see attached pic images at work. Can't post/send fic from home, don't have a memory stick to bring it in to work. Going insane.

Why is it only 2:30ish? I want to go home.

Did I mention that I ordered new sheets as a treat to myself? I totally did. I slept on them for the first time last night. 600 tc Egyptian Cotton sateen in a gorgeous, deep red. HEAVEN! is officially my best friend.

Celebrated Mer, James and Manny's birthdays over the weekend. Loads of fun, except Sheridan hogged the baby all night. *giggles* How many nine year olds can happily sit holding a baby from 3:30 - 11:00? She only gave Grayson up when Becky needed to feed her, except for about five minutes each for Richard and Tracey to hold her, and about 30 minutes at the end of the evening when I claimed 'Aunt Kate' privileges.

I've done a little bit of settling in the apartment, but between birthday stuff and just recouping from exhaustion, this weekend was not terribly productive. Little by little it will get done. Want to spur me on? Come visit!

Mer's going to the beach the first week of July with her dad, aunt, and their friends. A week to myself! I'll be simultaneously thrilled and bored.

That's all for now. How are all of you?
So, I did the Google meme using James' name. 'James likes to' do much funnier things than I do. Here's the list.

James likes to:

- keep it hot
- write about a child's interaction with nature and animals
- travel
- watch fat porn
- pick his nose and eat it
- think of himself as a really splendid engine
- play Game Boy
- do his conditioning at home in Florida
- be in control
- play right up front, whereas Wayne likes to go deeper

*dies laughing*

God, I love memes.
This morning I pulled into the parking lot and promptly realized that I'd left my laptop at home. *headdesk*

After driving home to get it and driving back to work, I realized I left my cell phone and my yogurt (breakfast) in the car.

Screw it. I'm not going to go get them.

I had an email from my mom waiting for me when I got in the office. My grandmother is still in the rehab facility/nursing home. At this point they are telling my mom that she probably shouldn't live alone - at least for the time being. They think she needs either an aide or to live in a nursing home full time. We'll see.

My brother Chris, who lives in FL, apparently has the flu. Hopefully he'll be recovered by the time I head down there because I like hanging out with him, but I'd rather not get sick.

It seems that my uncle is in Florida right now, too, staying at my late grandmother's place. So, maybe I can finagle a night or two over there if Grandma Brown's apartment gets too cramped. (Ok, so maybe I'd rather stay at the large waterfront house than in a retirement community one bedroom apartment with three other people. Sue me. I'm selfish.)

I need to email my friend Cynthia and let her know I'll be in town. Hmm. I ought to bring her some kind of gift, too. I never sent her a present when she got married last year.

I've found someone to take care of my mom's cat while I'm gone, so WOO for that! It's $18/day for the lady to come out and feed her (also get the mail, play with her, clean the litter box, etc...), but her vet wanted $38/day to board her in a little cage, so I figure I'm still getting a decent deal. For my entrepreneurial friends - dog walking and pet sitting is big business. A lady Becky knows from the Chamber of Commerce just bought out 5 dog walking businesses, and employs something like 50 people to handle all the work. People love their pets, and will spend boatloads of money to care for them - especially if you live in or near an area with a lot of white collar professional types. Personal concierge businesses are good, too.

It appears that Meredith is just getting the entire month of February off. No school today due to the snow. Never mind that the roads have been cleared and it's supposed to hit 45 today. Oh well, she'd probably be out sick anyway, at least this way she's not missing class.

James is sick, too. He just has a bad cold, though. Thank God I've got a good immune system. For realz.

I talked to my dad briefly today for the first time in several months. I didn't ask him for money. Yay me. You'd think he could call me once in awhile. I'm not that hard to track down, you know?

I need to pay my car note and the water bill. *nods* I'll do that today.

I suppose I should do some actual work now. Meh.

(In less than 72 hours I will be on my way to [ profile] mynuet's. :D)
The One Where Kate is a Whiny Beyotch )

Nizlopi is soothing. One day I'm going to track down Luke & John and hug them.
Hello everybody! I hope your V-Day has been nice. Thank you, Urs, for the e-card - it was really cute! Also, thank you to everyone who sent me Valentinr greetings!

I stayed home from work today due to the ice that's all over the road. I managed to get a little work done, but I'll have quite a bit of time to make up. Meredith's school was closed, and will be closed again tomorrow. Poor James had to go into the office, but he was allowed to be late.

In TMI news, Picabo does not like ice. She adores snow, but when the snow has a thick layer of ice on top it stops her from being able to sniff the ground. The sniffing is apparently a crucial component of deciding where to do one's business. She was most displeased. She pacified herself by taking a dump in front of the house where her doggy nemesis lives while I was not paying attention. Her attempt at insulting Robin (the other dog) was thwarted, though, as I did eventually notice the poop and bagged it like a good pet owner.

I talked to Gina today! I got bored with working, so dialed her up and we chatted for quite a while. Lots of giggling and silliness. The highlight of my day. :D *huggles Gina*

Tried to call Lys since I was home at a time when it was still daytime in Italy, but couldn't reach her. Bummer. I miss my Lys!

I'm trying to finish up a story for [ profile] smut_friday, but give my general lack of creativity lately, and my waffling over scenes of lemon in general, well, we'll see...

Tomorrow I'll be posting my lyric quiz answers. If you haven't guessed and you'd like to, here is the link:

Oh! Emmie - I finally burned Flood for you, along with a few other random songs. I'll try to get it mailed in the next few days.

I watched Lost tonight. Poor Desmond.
A relatively brief rundown of my weekend:

Saturday - Did a bit of laundry and some minor cleaning. Went to Richard & Tracey's to celebrate our nephew Maiken's third birthday. James' mom is in town, so we got to see her, too. Watched a stand-up comedy special on DVD called 'Thou Shalt Laugh' and giggled quite a lot. I expect we'll be randomly saying "I am staring at the man" for the next month or so. Got home around 1:00 a.m.

Sunday - Got up at 8:00 to feed the critters. Went back to bed. James mentioned that he wasn't feeling well, and thought he was suffering for having eaten poorly the day before. Several trips to the bathroom to purge one end or the other later, we established that it's likely he's gotten some sort of flu bug. I may have it, too, but I have not had all the same issues that James has, so maybe not. I stayed in bed, snoozing and reading until nearly noon. Then I got up and took Mer to her friend's house and did my grocery shopping. James was finally driven from the bed around 4:30 this afternoon, feeling dehydrated. The rest of the day has really just been a lot of lounging, reading, and computer using.

I took pictures last night, but I didn't get very many good ones. I may post some in a bit.
I haven't posted in a few days, so I thought I'd catch everyone up on my ultra-fascinating existence.

I got a very late start to work on Friday. On my way in I witnessed an accident and had to wait for police to arrive. Fortunately, no one was badly injured. The woman who caused the crash had some chest pain, but I think it was mainly from the impact of the airbag. She was an elderly Asian lady who didn't speak much English, so it was hard to be sure exactly what was hurting her. The woman in the other car went up on two wheels and spun around, so I'd been worried that she was hurt - especially when she wasn't getting out of her car. She was fine, though. She stayed in her car because she was not wearing any trousers.

Um... I don't really remember... At some point I took Mer to her boyfriend's house. She was gone most of the day because she spent the night at her friend Robyn's on Friday. James finished clearing out the extra bedroom for her to move into. I chatted with Gina on AIM until

Drove Mer back to Harpers Ferry to pick up the purse and camera she left at her BF's. Moved her stuff into the upstairs bedroom. Did some laundry. Um... Went to Outback for a very late dinner. Mer went to the movies with Robyn and spent the night at her house again. Robyn was sad because her BF broke up with her Saturday night, and then she'd sprained her elbow on Sunday morning, so Mer wanted to be with her in her time of need. Non-stop drama around here.

Helped James set up his bedframe in Mer's old room. He'll move down there as soon as he can buy a mattress. Probably sometime around the end of May, when our lease is up. /snark Did more laundry. Grocery shopped. Watched part of a special on Houdini. Went to dinner at IHOP, where we discussed Mer's BF and her impending dump of him. (YAY!) Also discussed was Mer's great desire to move far, far away from here because her only 'real' friend is Robyn, and everyone judges her based on the reputation she earned back when we lived in Leesburg, and now Matt, the guy she wants to date, says he wants to get to know her better, but she should not tell anyone because he doesn't want people to talk about them. James told her to tell Matt to 'go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut'. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I assume he is of the same opinion that I am - Matt can stick it. As I mentioned before, drama-rama.

Also today, Becky had the ultrasound to determine the sex of her babies. She is having two little girls. Sadly, she also had some bad news. 'Baby A' is looking fine and healthy, but 'Baby B' seems to have fluid on her brain. The doctor told Becky that this usually indicates spina bifida. It's a bit perplexing because Becky just had a screen done for that and it came back negative. She goes to some sort of specialist tomorrow to find out more. So, you praying types, please keep Becky, Manny and their little ones in your thoughts and prayers.

Tomorrow: I have a dental appt. and then it's back to work. Blech.

That's all for now. *huggles flist*
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( Dec. 8th, 2006 11:55 am)
I am pretty darned happy today. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) I'm going to get to meet and spend significant time with [ profile] mynuet, [ profile] rainpuddle13, and (I've heard rumors) [ profile] heyurs during the days between Christmas and my birthday. I'm SO excited! Seriously, SO excited. Did I mention that I'm excited?

2) I checked my friends page this morning to find a 'Diminished' drabble from [ profile] lady_rhiyana just for ME! She writes the best Lucius I've ever read. It's so good, I don't even feel badly for cheating on D/G with this not-exactly-romantic L/G.

3) I'm able to do some nice and/or helpful things for folks I care about this season.

4) I have festive winter icons!

I'm feeling pretty fortunate.

And, just because I feel like sharing my morning with you all, here is a conversation that took place at my house today.

Mer: Mom! I can't take a shower - the water's cold!
Me: Meredith, I told you that if you want to make sure you have hot water, you should shower at night. James and I are both up before you in the mornings.
Mer (huffily): Well, what am I supposed to do?
Me: You can either suffer through a cold shower...
Mer (interrupts): No. It's freezing!
Me (getting exasperated): Then you go without a shower! What do you want me to do, Mer? Pull hot water from my butt?
James: It would be 98.6 degrees if it made the trip all the way through you.
Me & Mer: ...
James: Just stating a fact.
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( Nov. 16th, 2006 09:40 am)
James knows an unholy number of odd little ditties, and he sings them frequently. The one he selected this morning is stuck in my head.


I don't care if it rains or freezes

Long as I've got that plastic Jesus

Sittin' on the dashboard of my car

- from a skit by Christian comedian Mike Warnke
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( Jun. 20th, 2006 03:00 pm)
Right now, at this very moment, I am aching to play Sims 2. It's silly. Sims 2 is just a game. I went for a week without playing not long ago, with no withdrawl at all. Why is it calling to me now?

I won't have time to play it until late tonight, and I shouldn't play it then because I have a bad tendency to stay up VERY late when I start playing near bedtime. I can't sleep in tomorrow because I'm carpooling with Becky. Today, though, I have to leave work at 4:00 to go home and take Mer to soccer try-outs (although the coach has already invited her back on the team). Then we have to figure out what to do for dinner and do a little celebrating of James' birthday. Then I figure James will probably play on the computer, and, since it is his birthday, I should probably not try to weedle him into letting me play. So, I won't get a chance until James goes to bed. *wibbles, despite knowing how stupid it is to do so over a video game*

Not to mention, I only have ten days to complete my story for Pud's challenge, and I'm not even close to being done. So much for all that planning I did, it doesn't help when I procrastinate. *berates self for lack of dedication to task*


At least I found my earbuds for my iPod. Meredith took them because her headphones died. *grumbles*
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( Jun. 20th, 2006 11:55 am)
Glitter @

Happy Birthday to my best friend, my husband, James! I love you!

Why do people run from Mugglechump?

You have a tattoo of a Zeppelin on your back for no apparent reason
'Why do people run from you?' at

How did they know?
Got a call from [ profile] mynuet this evening, and chatted with her for an hour or so. I very rarely get calls from anyone that isn't selling something or inquiring about a bill, so I was geeked! There was a fair amount of laughing and only a little worry on my part of 'Will she like me?', which was nice because I usually feel like a socially awkward ass when speaking to someone for the first time. So, *squee* all around!

I started reading 'Dragon & Angel' today. *listens to the collective gasp of "You're only just NOW reading it?!"* I have a hard time with long stories because I don't want to stop reading. I finally tore myself away so I could do other things, but I expect I'll get back to it shortly and I'll stay up very late to finish it and be very tired tomorrow. Perhaps I will acquire a little bit of self discipline and get to bed at a reasonable hour, but I wouldn't place any bets on it. Good fic, it does me in.

Meredith is having exams now. Today she only had one because her other period was resource, so James picked her up early since it was his flex day. The courthouse (where James works) was having little test of its employees customer service skills and knowledge of the building. They were having the public in and tasking them with finding an intern in a particular part of the building by asking questions of employees. James took Meredith in to have her participate. She found the intern. Never let it be said that Meredith can't find a boy. James also took her to replace her learner's permit, which was stolen along with her purse and tennis shoes in Hawaii.


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