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( May. 10th, 2009 10:17 am)
Happy Mother's Day to all my flisty moms!

I'm enjoying Mother's Day by having no real plans beyond taking Sheridan to see the new X-Men movie with James. Sheridan LOVES X-Men and I'm always willing to watch a little shirtless Hugh Jackman.

Oh, and I have things to clean and write.

I haven't forgotten my drabbles, work has just been insane recently. By the time I'd get home in the evenings, my brain was just not up for the challenge. This week should be better, so I'm hoping to crank them out.

My mom's sick and needed me to do her grocery shopping yesterday, so I went over to her place yesterday rather than today. She'd like me to come back today, but I don't think I'll get over.

And... That's pretty much what's going on with me.
Saw a fabulous bumper sticker on the way home today:

Hope is not a foreign policy. Just ask Neville Chamberlain.

Odd occurrences of late (note the common denominator of Meredith):

- Meredith drove to Quizno's, parked the car, and waited for another car to pass before she crossed the parking lot to get to the store. As she crossed, the car she'd waited for stopped and backed into her, then drove off. Yes, she's fine. I did get a very incredulous call, though. "Someone ran into me!" Then she opted for the comfort of Coldstone over the numminess of Quizno's.

- Saturday night around 10:30 I heard the door to the apartment open. Assuming it was Meredith, who'd spent the evening visiting her friends from our old house, I called, "Hello." A very male, "Hi, Mom" was the response. I recognized the voice as belonging to Mer's ex-boyfriend Derek, and assumed that they'd hooked up somewhere over the course of the evening and she'd brought him home to hang out. As I was running around in my jammies, I started for my bedroom door to tell Mer I wasn't dressed for company and I'd rather she took Derek home. Just before I got to the door, Derek asked, "Is she back there with you?" He wasn't with Meredith at all. The boy had just walked into my home like he lived here!

- Around 11:00 Saturday night, Mer called to tell me she'd locked the keys in the car. In Leesburg. (Read: 30 minutes away.) We only have one working car at the moment because I haven't gotten the convertible fixed from her little run-in with the curb several weeks ago. Fortunately her dad was able to bring her home and James took me to get the car on Sunday. We had to jump start it because Meredith had locked the keys inside with the radio on.

Other random things:

- Went to see Prince Caspian with James and Sheridan yesterday. Had a good time. Sheridan liked it, but was disappointed that it didn't remain faithful to the book. A hard lesson to learn at the age of 10.

- Speaking of Sheridan, she amuses me. (I know, not exactly news.) The other day I went over to Richard and Tracey's to pick up the lasagna and barbeque Richard had saved for me - Have I mentioned my love for my BIL? - and Sheridan was slicing up a Japanese persimmon. She'd never had one before and wanted to try it. She cut a piece for me, too, and after I'd eaten it she asked my opinion. I told her that I liked it, it was sweet. Sher said, "I like it, too. It's subtle." And it was. I smiled and Mer gave Sher the 'Could you be any freaking smarter?' stare.
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( Jun. 25th, 2007 02:30 pm)
I need a memory stick. Badly. Badly like 'OMG I NEED A MEMORY STICK!' Must stop by Walmart on the way home and get one of those.

Still no phone or internet at home. Can't get to AOL or GMAIL from work. Can't see attached pic images at work. Can't post/send fic from home, don't have a memory stick to bring it in to work. Going insane.

Why is it only 2:30ish? I want to go home.

Did I mention that I ordered new sheets as a treat to myself? I totally did. I slept on them for the first time last night. 600 tc Egyptian Cotton sateen in a gorgeous, deep red. HEAVEN! is officially my best friend.

Celebrated Mer, James and Manny's birthdays over the weekend. Loads of fun, except Sheridan hogged the baby all night. *giggles* How many nine year olds can happily sit holding a baby from 3:30 - 11:00? She only gave Grayson up when Becky needed to feed her, except for about five minutes each for Richard and Tracey to hold her, and about 30 minutes at the end of the evening when I claimed 'Aunt Kate' privileges.

I've done a little bit of settling in the apartment, but between birthday stuff and just recouping from exhaustion, this weekend was not terribly productive. Little by little it will get done. Want to spur me on? Come visit!

Mer's going to the beach the first week of July with her dad, aunt, and their friends. A week to myself! I'll be simultaneously thrilled and bored.

That's all for now. How are all of you?
So, this weekend I didn't accomplish anything towards my goal of moving in three weeks. Go me. This means that frantic packing will ensue shortly. The frantic packing will be hindered by the necessary sorting of Things That Belong To Me and Things That Belong To James, combined with the Things I Really Should Have Mailed Ages Ago, Things That Salvation Army Will Get and Things That Not Even Salvation Army Would Want. Procrastination IS my life. Again, go me.

Along the same vein, maybe I can finish my [ profile] dgficexchange fic tonight. Wouldn't that be handy? Thank God for the extension to June 1st because I would be seriously screwed if it hadn't been given.

Oh, and Mer needs a haircut and a pair of silvery shoes for prom - which is next Saturday. Also need to make her hair appointment now that I a timeline for her activities next weekend. Let's hope there is an available appointment somewhere. We are lucky that all the local proms are over and done with, and it's unlikely that anyone in our town will be attending the prom that Mer's going to since it's about an hour away. Hopefully that will translate into at least one available hairdresser.

I heard from my current landlord that he'll prorate our June rent since we're moving out before the end of the month AND I have a $160 credit, so that further reduces the money to be paid. I don't know what to expect as far as our security deposit. We could potentially get back all $2100, but that seems unlikely. So, my take will somewhere between $0-$1050. I need to get two windows re-screened and have the carpets professionally cleaned according to my lease. Boo for those expenses. Also, I need to reserve a box truck for the move weekend - and also my BIL's help and maybe Manny's too. James and I made one move all by ourselves and I literally cried before it was over. Not doing that again. Also, need to arrange for utilities at the new place. So many things! I hate moving!

I've discovered that the high school in our new school district is filled with MS-13 and other gangs. Joy of joys. So, Meredith will be homeschooled for the next year at least. I've found a correspondence school I like with reasonable fees, and will get her started as soon as we move. Hopefully this will allow her to catch up to where she is supposed to be in school. Keep your fingers crossed that she'll make the most of it.

James and I went to BIL's place yesterday. They had the couple from next door over, too, and we ate and chatted and played games until nearly 10:00. Lots of fun.

While we were over there it was mentioned that Sheridan, my nine year old niece who is finishing up the third grade, was told by her teacher that she's now reading at nearly an 11th grade level (10th grade + 9 months). *pats the little brainiac* This is not really a surprise to those of us who know her. This is the child who has been able to define 'financial freedom' since the age of two. "It's when your passive income exceeds your expenses." She's a trip.

That's all for now.


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