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( Jan. 13th, 2008 03:06 am)
It's 3 a.m. and I just got home. We left for Mer's game at 7:40 or so because we needed to stop and pick her up some Propel (she just won't drink plain water, I've tried). The game was at 9:00. Our team got butchered. Seriously, it was horrible. Mercy rules came into play. Just bad, all around. One of our players threw up. Mer got a serious case of vertigo and passed out briefly (not actually on the field). I had to help her to the car because she was so dizzy and her vision was blurry. We went to the ER where she had:

- 2 chest x-rays
- CAT scan of her chest with IV contrast
- Blood work
- Urine test
- 2 bags of IV fluids
- Blood pressure taken laying down, after sitting upright for 5 minutes, and after standing for 5 minutes

They thought about keeping her overnight, but decided she could go home. She can't participate in the bowling tournament in Richmond tomorrow, though, because they don't want her doing anything physical until we see a cardiologist on Monday. (This means her teammates, who she doesn't have contact information for, won't get to play because they won't have a full team.)

As dramatic as all this sounds, more than likely she just overexerted herself and was dehydrated and hadn't eaten enough. She was pretty out of it, though, so we needed to get her checked out.

Just as an aside, my daughter knows people everywhere we go. Her dad is the same way. They just know people. Everywhere. Mer even ran into someone she knew at an amusement park in Florida. Tonight was no exception. The boy 3 rooms down from Mer in the ER was a kid she went to middle school with and had kept in touch with. Mer's dad (he came out to the hospital) knew the kid's mom. So, Rob meandered between the two rooms chatting, and Mer had to stop and see Gregory (the seriously cute boy - all 6'5" of him) before we left.

Anyhoo, I'm tired. It's now nearly 3:30. I think I'll go to bed.
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( Jan. 12th, 2008 05:22 pm)
Mer and I colored our hair today. I'm auburn, and she's more brown with a hint of red. Hurray for mommy-daughter dye time! If I can manage a picture that doesn't make me want to weep, I'll post it so you can see my ginger glory.

Her indoor soccer games start tonight. The game's at 9:00. She's got to be there at 8:30 and it's about half an hour away. So, I'll be gone from around 8:00 until after 10:00. I considered sending her on her own, but truthfully, I like watching her play and indoor soccer is great. There's no out-of-bounds, it's very fast paced and just a kick to watch. Mer may ask to play keeper part of the time, to get back in practice. It looks like she'll be the keeper for the varsity team this spring, barring any surprises with her grades. The varsity coach sought her out yesterday to ask her to come to conditioning on Monday. He's bringing on a trainer for her, apparently. She hasn't played goal in a few seasons, but she used to be a pretty good keeper. The one season she was solely in goal, her team went undefeated. So, she needs to bone up again.

She also still needs to get her sports training hours completed in the next two weeks, I think. She has to assist the trainer for 9 hours a quarter, and I don't think she's done any since football ended. Will have to remind her about that. I know she has a gymnastics meet scheduled and something else, but I think she'll need at least one more. I'm not sure why she hasn't done it sooner, she likes it.

Um... That's about it, I guess.

ETA: Shocking realization. It would seem I missed the last couple inches of hair in back. Not sure how I managed this. Must buy more dye and fix. Bugger.
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( Nov. 25th, 2007 08:10 pm)
Well, I'm back from Delaware. The tournament did not go especially well for us, but Mer played well. I have photographic evidence that I'll get around to posting eventually.

Before heading home, Mer and I stopped by the mall and took slight advantage of Delaware's lack of sales tax on clothing. I didn't get to Christmas shop since she was with me, but we did pick her up a couple pairs of jeans so I will stop hearing that she only has three pairs. Now I suppose I'll hear that she 'only' has five.

For now, I'm catching up on the flist and email. I'm off work tomorrow so I can take my mom to her appointment. I'm hoping that doesn't take too awfully long. I could use a little rest time.

How was everyone's weekend?

ETA: I didn't mention that this tournament was a college showcase, rather than a regular competition. There were over 50 scouts there. Mer's coach just called. One of the scouts contacted her and is apparently very interested in Mer! She's so excited! So am I, actually. So YAY!

ETA 2: Soccer photos )
Meredith's official soccer season is over. They ended up in 5th place in the division. Final record 4-3-2; 18 goals scored, 11 goals given up. We have a one day tourney in Delaware on the Sunday after Thanksgiving because it's a great idea to drive hours north in late fall to stand outside all day so you can drive hours back home so you don't miss school/work the next day. *shakes head* My plan for Thanksgiving weekend - I get to be really freakin' cold and tired. Hot dog! Then around the new year they'll start their indoor games. Those are fun - very fast paced, no out-of-bounds, and warm.

I have stromboli in the oven. I <3 stromboli. I don't allow myself to eat it very often, though, because it is god awful fattening. This particular stromboli confuses me a little. At least the packaging does. There are very clear directions for both convection and microwave ovens. The microwave directions state plainly that you should take off the foil wrapping before you cook the stromboli. That makes perfect sense in theory, but there isn't actually any foil wrapping on the stromboli. Bizarre.

I brought work home tonight and there is no way I can allow myself to ignore it because I have a meeting at 10:00 tomorrow morning in which I will need to have this spend plan in good order. Bah. Really not into that tonight. Would much rather read a new chapter of 3K. Of course, there isn't currently a new chapter of 3K to read, but that's not really the point.

The mail I've been intending to send out will hopefully make it to the Post Office by next weekend. My friend Cynthia's daughter is two months old, I should probably get her gift down there. Not to mention some things I've promised folks around here.

Which reminds me, I need a new color printer cartridge. A trip to Walmart is on the list for tomorrow anyway, so I'll pick one up then. Must remember to return the car battery I thought I needed, but didn't.

Clean laundry is taking over my bed. That should probably be folded before the cats get too cozy on it and it loses the 'clean' and just becomes laundry again.

That's all for now.
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( Oct. 28th, 2007 10:51 pm)
The last few days have had some unusual moments. Somehow, my life manages to be dull and really bizarre moments all at the same time.

This one's gross, so it's under a cut )

This one is a little gross, too )

Also at Mer's game today, a girl from the other team didn't like that Meredith won the ball from her, so she deliberately and obviously kicked Mer in retaliation as Mer tried to walk away to keep up with the game play. Fortunately, the ref called it.

More fortunately, the ref did not see that Meredith actually took a swing at the girl. This is REALLY not a normal reaction. Mer will play very rough, and she's not above retaliating physically in game play if she's really ticked off, but she's never tried to hit someone during a game before. She felt the girl's kick and just whipped around swinging. Luckily, the girl had taken a few steps back and Mer missed. Very bizarre.

A much more typical interaction occurred later in the game when another player from the other team yelled at Mer, "What the f*ck do you think you're doing?" and Mer replied calmly, "I'm playing soccer. What are you doing?" No idea where she got that sarcastic streak... *whistles innocently*

At the same game, one of our assistant coaches got a yellow card because the ref didn't like where he was standing. o.O (League rules allow coaches to stand anywhere on their half of the sideline. The ref decided he didn't want the coaches walking down to the end of the field, and carded our coach despite the fact that his preference does not equate to a league rule. This is not the first foul the ref made up all on his own.)

After the game, Mer and I went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch. Towards the end of the meal, I lifted my glass and the entire bottom of the glass fell off, resulting in a very wet and sticky Kate. I hadn't hit it against anything and the break was very smooth. It was one of those tall, thin glasses that tapers, so all of a sudden I was holding just a glass tube that was still filled with ice. Fortunately I was wearing my Crocs, which are super easy to clean.
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( Oct. 16th, 2007 07:29 am)
Sometimes if I get up earlier than I usually do, I go through a period of being ridiculously, painfully hungry. If I don't eat anything it will go away after a little while, but it's uncomfortable. I don't know why getting up early would affect my body's need for food, though. I don't usually eat until around 10:00, when I generally have a yogurt at work.

Poor Mer. Today was Twisted Tuesday at school, one of those school spirit days when you're supposed to dress funny. At Mer's old school these sorts of things were very popular. School spirit was a big deal and a large portion of the student body participated. Not so at the new school. We pulled up and Mer's eyes got wide. "Why isn't anyone else dressed wacky?" After seeing one other girl (out of, say, 40 students walking by) and being assured that there was not time to go home and change, she finally got out of the car.

Can't remember if I mentioned this or not, but the issue with my car is not the battery. It's the starter, apparently. I need to call my BIL's friend from church and see if he can fix it for me, along with the turn signal on Mer's car, which is (pardon the pun) on the blink. Blink blink bbbbbbbllllllliiiiiinnnnnnkkkkkk nothing nothing nothing blink nothing nothing bbblliinnnkk.

Also, Mer had a good time at the team camp out. Apparently it was cold, though. Who would've guessed? *snicker* The back window of her car now says '88 Red', which is her team's official league name. Some of the girls decided to paint other girl's car windows while they were sleeping. The paint is yellow, which amuses me a little since we are a 'red' team. We used to be the Phoenix, but then LYSA named all the teams by year and 'red' or 'white'. I'm not sure why we're '88. Our division is U18, which means the girls can't have been born prior to a certain day in 1989. Who am I to argue with the geniuses at LYSA, though?

Why no, I'm not procrastinating. Why do you ask? *cough*

Dawn, a girl with whom I work, brought in her baby yesterday. Jack is five weeks younger than Gracie, but since she was early and is just tiny in general, he's bigger than she is by a couple pounds and inches. He's the cutest little guy. He's just started giggling and he has this cute little one-sided smile that makes me want to call him Draco.

I get to see Gracie this weekend! Becky and Manny are bringing her out so we can call celebrate my BIL's birthday. James will be out, too. Mer has homecoming, so she won't be around. That means I just have to wrestle the baby from my niece so I can get some Aunt Kate/Grayson time in.

I got mail from [ profile] rainpuddle13! But, Cyn, my computer won't recognize anything on the DVD. :( It thinks it's blank - won't even give me an option other than writing to it. :( :(

There is a new, really cool expansion pack out for Sims 2, but it has a lot of bugs and I had to uninstall it. There's a patch, but it didn't fix the issues I'm having and the issues are pretty major. I'm bummed and I think I'll send a little note to EA Games asking about when they plan to fix this and how it got released with these kinds of problems. Visitors not being able to leave the lot is a big deal. Not only does it get crowded, but I seriously had about 20 newspapers on my Sims' lawn because the paper boy kept laying them down. Another family got stuck on vacation and couldn't check in or go home. When you're shelling out $30 for an expansion pack, it ought to freaking work.

Oh! [ profile] caliga_rpg is approaching D/Gness! *SQUEE* What will happen at Draco's first appointment for his scar? Will sparks fly from somewhere other than Ginny's wand? Watch the community and see. God, I'm so corny!

*sigh* Well, I'd better get in the shower and go to work. In sequence, not concurrently. Hope you all have a great day!
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( Sep. 24th, 2007 08:45 am)
I do not want to go to work. Weekends are too damned short. Especially when we have two soccer games instead of the usual one, and Meredith insists we MUST go to the mall to find shoes to go with the outfit she wants to wear Monday (then doesn't actually wear). Grr.

I've decided that I like Richard less and less as time goes on and must now work up the energy/courage to break things off. At least I can honestly say I am busy next weekend. James has asked me to go to the movies on Saturday. Richard spends Sundays with his daughter, so I don't have to worry about that day.

Meredith's game next weekend is at 9:00 Sunday in bloody Maryland. Since she has to be there at 8:15, I'll be leaving home shortly after 6:00 to get her there in time. Bah.

Gripe gripe gripety gripe.

I've also decided that I need to exercise. I decided that before, but I'm planning to actually do it this time. I'm tired of my knees and feet hurting. I'm tired of being this fat. A little pudge is ok, but I'm not pudgy. I'm fat. I need to lose about 100 lbs. in total, but my first goal is to get back down to a weight that starts with a 1. The fact that Mer's not-quite-an-uncle Steve's mom died this weekend from illness related to her obesity probably has something to do with this re-determination.
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( Aug. 26th, 2007 09:10 am)
There's another soccer tourney this weekend. We spent about 5 1/2 hours outside in the blazing heat and unbearable humidity. I'm all sunburned now. Blergh. Mer and the girls on her team were ready to pass out by the end of the day. She actually ran in the woods to throw up at one point. Ick.

Then last night she went to see Kenny Chesney in the rain. Well, she was in the rain. Mr. Chesney was under the pavilion. She called me shortly before 1:00 a.m. to find out if it was ok for her aunt to take to the movies after today's game. Why this question could not have waited until dawn is a mystery I'm sure I'll never solve.

So. I'm currently waiting for my clothes to finish drying. I haven't decided whether I'll go to the game this morning or not since I don't have to take Mer home with me afterward. She'll give me crap if I miss it, though. Rotten kid.
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( Aug. 21st, 2007 12:31 pm)
I stayed up all night reading. Literally. That was a bad idea. (/understatement) I did finally decide I needed a little bit of sleep in order to function today, and climbed in bed from ~7:15-8:45 this morning. I remarkably functional for only having had an hour and a half of sleep, but I'd love to head home and crawl under my covers again.

It's been raining for a couple days off and on, so I've decided not to take Mer to practice tonight. She could only participate in the running, anyway. She can't actually play soccer until the end of the week. I should probably clue her in on the change of plans for the evening.

Shippy Southern Vampire Mysteries stuff )
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 09:42 pm)
Ok, so I was able to secure the needed cash so that *hopefully* I won't bounce any checks unless the rent goes through tonight (because my deposit was made after hours and will be counted as a deposit made tomorrow). Phew. I'm much calmer now. I still have very little to live on for the next week and a half, but I'll survive. I did return my two pairs of slacks, but I kept the dresses. :P

Also, in re-reading the soccer information I realized that I was looking at the estimate for both fall and spring. It's still going to be about $700 for the fall, $150 of which is because the uniform our league had been using has been discontinued so we all have to get new ones. The reason there is such disparity between the cost of spring and fall is that we actually don't play in the league in the spring. We pay a fee to hold our spot, but the high schools around here have their girls' soccer season in the spring and it's hard to get enough girls to commit to the travel team when they're playing at school, too. We do participate in a few spring tournaments and have Saturday practices to stay in shape. That's the other thing. One of the spring tourneys we're supposed to participate in is in Las Vegas. o.O I mean, the Florida tourney is about a 14-15 hour drive, but VEGAS? Hello, other side of the country? On the other hand, I've never been to Las Vegas so if I can get the money together I'm totally not willing to miss that trip. Stupid wanderlust. Maybe I can visit Heidi Fleiss's planned male whorehouse - that's supposed to be somewhere in Nevada, right? I'm kidding, of course. Unless the guys are really hot. >.> *snickers*

I had been wondering how the team got a hold of two tickets to the Redskins/Cowboys game to raffle off because that is a big deal around here. Those tickets don't come cheap and they don't last long. It finally occurred to me that the father of one of the girls on the team was (is?) the trainer for the Redskins. Duh. Connections are a good thing. Now I just have to sell a bunch of tickets. Maybe we should do that in front of a grocery store. *thinks* Or maybe in front of Walmart. White trash forever, y'all! Walmartians love them some football!

Last night I was reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to Prayer (Yes, I am serious. It's actually a very good, informative, and illuminating book!) and I came across a prayer by St. Patrick:

Christ as a light, illumine and guide me. Christ as a shield, overshadow and cover me. Christ be under me. Christ be over me. Christ be beside me, on left hand and right. Christ be before me, behind me, about me. Christ, this day, be within and without me.

Anyway, first off, I like this prayer. I like its thoroughness. However, it started me giggling. Why, you ask? Because I got this vision in my head of an old Sesame Street episode where they were teaching about over, under, around, and through. Imagining Jesus on Sesame Street was a bit of a kick. Probably funnier in my head than on LJ, but it made me laugh.

Another prayer I'll share just because I feel like it is this Orthodox prayer for the Lenten season:

O Lord and master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk. But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience, and love to thy servant. Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own errors and not to judge my brother, for thou art blessed from all ages to all ages.

That one speaks to me very personally. I'm not really lustful for power, but the spirit of sloth and idle talk are pretty big parts of my life that I need to work on. That chastity bit would be useful about now, too.

Oh, and Emmie - did you notice the repitition in these prayers? I was thinking of our conversation when I was reading them.
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( Aug. 7th, 2007 12:55 pm)
Finding out that the fall soccer season is going to run about $900 sucks. Hopefully fundraising will seriously offset that cost. A lot. A whole lot. Who wants to buy a raffle ticket for 2 tickets and free parking at the Redskins/Cowboys game in DC? Anyone? Anyone?

You know what sucks even worse?

Discovering that the rent check you wrote over the weekend is about $525 more than you currently have in your checking account despite the fact that you got paid last Friday. WTF? How did that happen?

So, tonight I'll be running from one bank to another trying to scare up several hundred dollars. I'll probably have to return the new clothes I bought yesterday. At least the two pairs of pants, maybe not all the dresses. It depends on what I find in savings.

Part of the problem is I didn't realize (because I'm not really vigilante about checking my account) that since Rob changed jobs at the beginning of July I haven't gotten any child support. It can take up to six weeks for Social Services to synch up with a new employer.

The other part of the problem is all these damned deposits and fees I've had to pay since I moved in the apartment. Hopefully those are all done now. I'll have to sit down and really work out a budget. I'm about to start paying for health insurance. We have been on James' plan, but his open enrollment is going on so we'll lose coverage on September 1st. Once Meredith gets her license my car insurance will go up again. Fuuucccccckkkkkk.
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( Jul. 15th, 2007 09:59 am)
Right after the move, I weighed myself and at that point I'd lost about eight pounds. I figured that this was mainly due to water loss, since we'd been doing so much work in the heat. I was happy about it, but I didn't expect I'd be able to keep it off once I got re-hydrated.

So, yesterday was Tracey's birthday (my BIL's wife, and one of the most wonderful people I know) and we had steak and potatoes and cake and ice cream, and generally ate a lot of food. This morning I decided to weigh myself again, figuring it would be a more realistic assessment than the one a few weeks ago.

And I'd lost 2.5 more pounds! Yay!

My only gripe is that the only place I can tell I've lost weight by visual inspection is my thighs. Not that I'm not pleased by that, but my legs have always retained some muscular definition. I just have very muscular legs. (This is probably why that's the first place I can see the change.) But, of all the places on my body, my legs are the last place I need to show weight loss. Oh well, you take victories where you find them, right?

Now I just need to get motivated to go to our dinky little community gym to keep the momentum going. Maybe Mer and I can motivate each other. She's trying to get back into shape in hopes of joining up with her old soccer team again. Since she spent essentially all spring sick, she wasn't in condition to do the June try-outs, but her coach has said she can try-out next month at their start of season training camp. It would be REALLY nice to have something to occupy Mer's time other than whatever devices she can come up with on her own, and she misses soccer. She's been playing since she was eight and is really pretty good.

Anyway, I need to go work on my apartment. It's still looking way too much like a storage unit.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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( Nov. 6th, 2006 10:25 am)
Hello everybody. I'm a little pressed for time, but I wanted to post something since I've been absent the last few days.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy with running Meredith around. We went shopping for boots for her on Saturday, but came home empty-handed and sore-footed. (Well, my feet were sore.)

Sunday we left home at 9:30 to get to her soccer game that was over an hour away. Her new boyfriend, Matt, came along. Mer's team won their game 8-3 - a good way to end the season. Afterward, we ALL - kids, parents, and coaches - went to Ruby Tuesdays for an end of season party. Got home around 5:30 that evening. I was very, very tired.

New boyfriend Matt:
- is cute
- is very nice
- is mature
- is responsible
- is going to the local community college, studying Criminal Justice
- has been accepted to a four-year school for next semester, but is still debating whether he wants to go there - they want to recruit him for football
- is working part-time on a farm
- wants to work as a state trooper for a few years after college, then hopes to enter the Secret Service
- was able to chat with me amiably and intelligently all day
- volunteered to replace the worn belts in my car's engine

I like him very much. Ergo, he won't last the week.

Gina and Ayla will likely kick my butt, but I have determined that I just don't have time for NaNo. I'm hopelessly behind now, and still have no concrete outline of where I want to go. So, I think I'm out. I have the two exchange fics I need to complete, and seeing as I am the slowest writer on the planet (at least the hemisphere), they will require my full writerly attention. Sorry to my NaNo buddies, if you are disappointed. I will try to plan better for next year.

I haven't totally written off my Thanksgiving trip yet, but it's getting sketchier. The pick-up needs an alternator. Blergh.
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( Jun. 20th, 2006 03:00 pm)
Right now, at this very moment, I am aching to play Sims 2. It's silly. Sims 2 is just a game. I went for a week without playing not long ago, with no withdrawl at all. Why is it calling to me now?

I won't have time to play it until late tonight, and I shouldn't play it then because I have a bad tendency to stay up VERY late when I start playing near bedtime. I can't sleep in tomorrow because I'm carpooling with Becky. Today, though, I have to leave work at 4:00 to go home and take Mer to soccer try-outs (although the coach has already invited her back on the team). Then we have to figure out what to do for dinner and do a little celebrating of James' birthday. Then I figure James will probably play on the computer, and, since it is his birthday, I should probably not try to weedle him into letting me play. So, I won't get a chance until James goes to bed. *wibbles, despite knowing how stupid it is to do so over a video game*

Not to mention, I only have ten days to complete my story for Pud's challenge, and I'm not even close to being done. So much for all that planning I did, it doesn't help when I procrastinate. *berates self for lack of dedication to task*


At least I found my earbuds for my iPod. Meredith took them because her headphones died. *grumbles*
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( Jan. 12th, 2006 11:14 pm)
Had a meeting at Mer's school today. It was good news, she's really improved her performance since the meeting we had last month. Hopefully this will continue, it's very frustrating to watch her do poorly just because she doesn't feel like doing homework. She'll get yanked off the cheerleading squad if she doesn't get high enough marks at the end of the semester and she won't be able to do track in the spring. We've decided to take the spring off from her travel soccer team. A lot of girls are playing on their school teams and the coach is due to give birth in April. Seems like a good season to sit out.

Wow, that paragraph just rambled all over the place. I must be tired. I stayed at work until almost 8:00 tonight because I had to pack up my old office. Tomorrow I'll move my two boxes of crap to my new office. Only two more weeks of sharing work between the two jobs and then I'll be done! Woo-hoo! It's been exhausting and I'm heartily looking forward to it being over.


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