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( May. 18th, 2008 12:35 pm)

So. I woke up this morning to discover that I've caught Meredith's pink eye. *sigh* This was quickly followed by the realization that I'd sent the eye drops from the last time I had pink eye to NC with Meredith. Probability of drops not returning with her tomorrow: Pretty high.

Tomorrow is the one day out of the fiscal month that I have to go to work. Ergo, cannot go to the doctor until Tuesday if the drops are not returned to me.

Was supposed to see Iron Man today with my mom. Canceled due to allergies and pink eye. Mom was disappointed.

Mom asked if Mer and I want to go away for the long weekend to Cherokee/Asheville/Bryson City (where my great-grandfather was born). Mer's aunt is recently engaged and the engagement party is next weekend. We've both said we'd be there. Mom was disappointed. Told her I'll talk to Mer and see if I can convince her to miss the party. This is unlikely, as we're talking about Mer's favorite aunt, who is much more fun than her mom, grandmother, and uncle with Down Syndrome on a days long trip to the country. Could leave her behind with her dad for the weekend, but Mom would be disappointed. Do we sense a theme here? Could force her to go, but will then have a grumpy teenager spoiling everyone's good time and annoying me with her constant text messaging.

On the plus side, I tagged in on five scenes this morning and then went back to bed for two hours. Have I mentioned that I love Married!Romy/Oliver? I do. They're sickening. It's fun to have a blissfully happy character. And hello? Smuts like whoa. And, of course, Erin is teh awesome, even in Tokyo.

I need to eat. And shower. And clean. And GROCERY SHOP - NO FOOD! And hopefully scene some more. Nap again? Maybe.
So, I'm home. I've got pictures and I could probably come up with a paragraph or two to describe my trip, but I don't feel like it right now. I'm tired, my house is only 60 degrees for some reason (My thermostat hates me?), and I can't decide if I'm happy to be home or not.

I may be around later, but I'm not sure since I've not finished Rebel Angels yet and it is staring at me, taunting me with the knowledge that scary things are happening to my heroine and her friends. Jammies, hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps, a blanket, and my book sounds pretty freakin' awesome.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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( Apr. 12th, 2007 09:02 pm)
Before I go to bed I must:

Finish laundry
Finish packing (except toiletries needed in the a.m.)
Finish my work stuff & set up my away message
Do my timecard
Put James' suit in the car so I don't forget it. That would be bad.

Make Meredith shower so I don't have to wait for her in the a.m. The child is pissing me right the fuck off.
Run the dishwasher. Will do in the morning so I can put my water glass in there.

Print directions.
Give Jinx his pill.
Send out the two email invites to Becky's baby shower.
Reply to Frank's email. Frank's going to have to wait until Tuesday.
Read new KCotDT chapter. (YAY!)
Whine about missing CSI.

Before I hit the road tomorrow I must:

Pack remaining toiletries.
Load car.
Turn off computer.
Leave large bowls of food and water for kitties.
Turn off all appliances/lights/etc... except for the one or two I want to leave on for the kitties.
Make sure no water is running anywhere in the house. (I'm paranoid after the drippy ceiling incident.)
Huggle the kitties whether they like it or not.

Get gas & snacks.

I think that's it.

James left early, early this morning with Richard, Pike & Maiken. Picabo is staying with Tracey & Sheridan - being tremendously pampered from what I hear.

I will probably not have access to the internet while I'm gone. Boo. I'll miss you all!

ETA: 5:40 a.m. And we're off!
So, at long last, I'm posting the few pics that were taken during my visit with [ profile] mynuet and Milo. It was so much fun! We played games (Myn totally spanked me at Scrabble, but I maintain it was due to my being tired from the drive.), drank Chambord, ate, hung out with [ profile] leaper182 and [ profile] greenfireangel - who are both awesome - ate some more, and did I mention that we ate? Lots of goodies and giggles were had.

Anyhoo - on to the photos! )
It's been quite a morning, and I'm leaving about an hour and a half later than intended, but I am leaving right now.

And I'm not allergic to down. :D
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( Feb. 28th, 2007 08:24 am)
Oh how happy I will be to drive away tomorrow.

Things to accomplish before I leave in approximately 24 hours:

- Get dressed
- Call Mer's school and say she'll be late
- Pay car note
- Pay water bill
- Take Mer for CT Scan Not fun.
- Pick up referral for Mer's GI specialist appt. (Crap! I forgot.) Will do on the way out of town.
- Work 8 hours (Shooting for 6 now) Got 7.5, close enough.
- Save files to my laptop hard drive so work can be accomplished while on trip, reducing the need for taking leave without pay
- Feed Mom's cat
- Leave extra key for pet sitter
- Mail rent check
- Leave deposit slip for James for his half of the rent
- Laundry
- Pack clothes & toiletries
- Put Cynthia's phone #s in my cell
- Go to grocery store
- Buy a surge protector for Mer Not happening before I leave.
- Buy Mer a strapless bra for her formal this weekend Leaving cash for her to go with a friend.
- Get cash for trip and for Mer's expenses during my trip
- Go get Mom's van
- Finish packing stuff for Shar
- Pick games to bring on trip
- Put snacks, directions, luggage, games, stuff for Shar in van
- Get gas Will do on way out of town.

Trip = relaxation. Trip preparation = stress. Bah.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'd better get started.

ETA: And miles to go before I sleep...
ETA 2: A bit more progress. Laundry is in progress. Snacks are purchased, directions are in laptop case.
This morning I pulled into the parking lot and promptly realized that I'd left my laptop at home. *headdesk*

After driving home to get it and driving back to work, I realized I left my cell phone and my yogurt (breakfast) in the car.

Screw it. I'm not going to go get them.

I had an email from my mom waiting for me when I got in the office. My grandmother is still in the rehab facility/nursing home. At this point they are telling my mom that she probably shouldn't live alone - at least for the time being. They think she needs either an aide or to live in a nursing home full time. We'll see.

My brother Chris, who lives in FL, apparently has the flu. Hopefully he'll be recovered by the time I head down there because I like hanging out with him, but I'd rather not get sick.

It seems that my uncle is in Florida right now, too, staying at my late grandmother's place. So, maybe I can finagle a night or two over there if Grandma Brown's apartment gets too cramped. (Ok, so maybe I'd rather stay at the large waterfront house than in a retirement community one bedroom apartment with three other people. Sue me. I'm selfish.)

I need to email my friend Cynthia and let her know I'll be in town. Hmm. I ought to bring her some kind of gift, too. I never sent her a present when she got married last year.

I've found someone to take care of my mom's cat while I'm gone, so WOO for that! It's $18/day for the lady to come out and feed her (also get the mail, play with her, clean the litter box, etc...), but her vet wanted $38/day to board her in a little cage, so I figure I'm still getting a decent deal. For my entrepreneurial friends - dog walking and pet sitting is big business. A lady Becky knows from the Chamber of Commerce just bought out 5 dog walking businesses, and employs something like 50 people to handle all the work. People love their pets, and will spend boatloads of money to care for them - especially if you live in or near an area with a lot of white collar professional types. Personal concierge businesses are good, too.

It appears that Meredith is just getting the entire month of February off. No school today due to the snow. Never mind that the roads have been cleared and it's supposed to hit 45 today. Oh well, she'd probably be out sick anyway, at least this way she's not missing class.

James is sick, too. He just has a bad cold, though. Thank God I've got a good immune system. For realz.

I talked to my dad briefly today for the first time in several months. I didn't ask him for money. Yay me. You'd think he could call me once in awhile. I'm not that hard to track down, you know?

I need to pay my car note and the water bill. *nods* I'll do that today.

I suppose I should do some actual work now. Meh.

(In less than 72 hours I will be on my way to [ profile] mynuet's. :D)
The One Where Kate is a Whiny Beyotch )

Nizlopi is soothing. One day I'm going to track down Luke & John and hug them.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 12:14 am)
Next Thursday (March 1st) I begin my trek down to Florida to help my mom help my grandmother. Or something. I think we're trimming down the unnecessary clothes and clutter in my grandmother's apartment, and making sure that she's set up with a physical therapist to help her recover from her recent stroke once she's home from the rehab center.

Anyway, while the main purpose of this trip is not especially happy or exciting, there is happiness and excitement to be had -

- Because I'm going to stop over in Georgia and hang out with [ profile] mynuet! *SQUEES* I'm very excited. Really. Very. Excited.

It will be a good time.

Did I mention that I'm excited?
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( Dec. 17th, 2006 12:53 am)
The Gathering is not going to work out as planned. Sharlene's not going to be able to make it up, and it doesn't make sense for me to impose on Pud's time and stay at a hotel for three days when I can easily make a day trip down there whenever we feel like getting together. So yeah, disappointing.

Meredith's at her dad, like most weekends, and her cat misses her. He's being obnoxious.

On a more pleasant note, I went to the Restoration Hardware Outlet and got Foot Duvets (i.e. down slippers) for Mer's dad and my brother Kenny at really good prices. They are normally $22, but I got Rob's for $10 and Kenny's for $5. Woot for sales. They aren't the most attractive things on the planet, but they are lightweight, warm, and comfortable. I love down.

We had actually gone to the outlet to buy a nice set of towels for James' mom, but all they had in the Paradigm 802s were a rust color that wouldn't match her bathroom, so we'll have to go the regular store in Tysons. Blech. I hate going to Tysons. Traffic out there is a nightmare.

I got a Christmas card from [ profile] embe11ished! Squee! Thank you Jen!

I also got my annual check from my dad. Yay for money in place of actual family interactions. /sarchasm

I don't know if my brother Chris will be here for Christmas. Mom hasn't mentioned it, but no one in my family is very good about passing along information.

And now it's time for sleeping. 'Night all!
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( Dec. 15th, 2006 12:18 pm)
I am currently missing an office potluck because I forgot about it and didn't bring anything to contribute. My hope is that there is so much food that some will be leftover, and I can sneak up and snack on it a little later. >.> I like potlucks. However, I will not starve in any case because I brought lunch today. Yay me.

After a week or so of forgetting to do it, I've made reservations for my trek down to the Richmond area. I'm not staying where I had planned to stay because they charge by the week, and will not prorate, and I'm only staying a few days. However, according to Mapquest, I'm still within ten or fifteen minutes of the folks I'm planning to see, so it's all ok. I'm still very excited, and a little nervous, as is usual when I'm going to meet people for the first time. Oh my God, what if they hate me?! Yeah, I'm a little neurotic like that. Hardly a surprise.

I ought to get my car checked out before I go, huh? Maybe I'll drop it off Monday. It's not like Richmond is all that far from me, only about two hours, but I know I need an oil change and when I got my inspection done they mentioned that I have some belts that could stand to be replaced. Probably better to do that before going out of town.

Other things I need to do:

Turn in smuttakah fic that was due last weekend. *cough*
Clean the trash out of my car.
Finish Christmas shopping.
Wrap presents.
Mail Christmas cards/gifts to family and non-LJ friends.
Get a tree.
Get ornaments from storage.
Decorate tree.
Clean house.
Get mom a birthday gift because it is next Monday. Crap.
Order Mer's yearbook. Keep confirmation of order somewhere I can find it, as last year we got screwed.
Call bank to see if check to Verizon cleared. If it did, call Verizon and tell them that yes, they did receive payment. If not, mail another check to Verizon.
Pay car insurance. TODAY.
Figure out why I am so damned forgetful lately. Buy some Gingko Biloba or St. John's Wart or whatever you're supposed to take for forgetfulness (I don't remember - ha!).
Oh, and get some work done. @.@
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( Dec. 8th, 2006 11:55 am)
I am pretty darned happy today. Here are some of the reasons why:

1) I'm going to get to meet and spend significant time with [ profile] mynuet, [ profile] rainpuddle13, and (I've heard rumors) [ profile] heyurs during the days between Christmas and my birthday. I'm SO excited! Seriously, SO excited. Did I mention that I'm excited?

2) I checked my friends page this morning to find a 'Diminished' drabble from [ profile] lady_rhiyana just for ME! She writes the best Lucius I've ever read. It's so good, I don't even feel badly for cheating on D/G with this not-exactly-romantic L/G.

3) I'm able to do some nice and/or helpful things for folks I care about this season.

4) I have festive winter icons!

I'm feeling pretty fortunate.

And, just because I feel like sharing my morning with you all, here is a conversation that took place at my house today.

Mer: Mom! I can't take a shower - the water's cold!
Me: Meredith, I told you that if you want to make sure you have hot water, you should shower at night. James and I are both up before you in the mornings.
Mer (huffily): Well, what am I supposed to do?
Me: You can either suffer through a cold shower...
Mer (interrupts): No. It's freezing!
Me (getting exasperated): Then you go without a shower! What do you want me to do, Mer? Pull hot water from my butt?
James: It would be 98.6 degrees if it made the trip all the way through you.
Me & Mer: ...
James: Just stating a fact.


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