I'm really glad I made it home before my uterus decided to explode all over the place. I wish that was as big an exaggeration than it sounds like. I swear there's a revolution going on in there. Being a girl sucks.

For Jane, this is the video I tweeted about. It's crack-tastic. Jax from SoA, Haley from OTH, and Dean from SPN in a love triangle. Awesome.

And, also cracky, a Jax/Haley video by the same person that I'm posting mainly because the manips are freaking fantastic.

Other news, Paolo Nutini is coming to DC in July! He'll be at the 9:30 Club on the 24th. Tickets weren't on sale yet when I looked, but I'm so there, baby. SO THERE.

I think there were other things I wanted to say, but I can't think of them right now.

From: [identity profile] numbaby.livejournal.com

OMG. SO MUCH CRACK. And, like, pairings from AU-wrong-HELL, but beautifully done. The boys! When they're all hot and macho and fighty! *dies*

Although I a SO not forgiving fake!Jax for KNIFING THE DAMN IMPALA. Dude. That's like Deean touching the bike, okay? Only WORSE. Torching the bike, maybe, and then snorting the ashes. Or mixing them into some uber-wholesome PIE. (Dean likes pie. Mmhmm.)

Also, feel better darl. *huggles* :*

From: [identity profile] mugglechump.livejournal.com

Completely awesome, AU-wrong-HELL cracktastic pairings. The bike & Abel > than the Impala, though. Always.

I like pie, too.

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From: [personal profile] jo_anne_storm

*hands you a hot pack and Midol*

I feel your pain. Or, I did this morning. And Laura felt it last night. WTF is up with that? It's like contageous cramps!

From: [identity profile] mugglechump.livejournal.com

Thanks, Jo! Feminine stuff for the epic lose. Ugh. I long for menopause.

Oh! Sometime when you're free, would Viktor like to meet Sam? She won't have any idea who he is, except possibly remembering him from the Triwizard Tourny. Might be amusing.
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From: [personal profile] jo_anne_storm

*snicker* Poor Viktor. His ego over being an international Quidditch star is going to go to hell. Astoria wants him to meet Hera, who will not know who he is. Elle and I were discussing him meeting Mira, who will not know who he is. And now Sam, who will not know who he is.

I can feel the ego deflate.

From: [identity profile] mugglechump.livejournal.com

Hee. Poor Viktor. Well, if he needs some ego boosting, Susan would know who he is AND Ron would flip out if she spent time with Viktor. The phenomenal Quidditch player who snogged Ron's school crush? Yeah, boyo would not be pleased.

From: [identity profile] brendanm720.livejournal.com

Verity will definitely know who he is.

Verity is a bit of a quidditch fangirl... I just haven't gotten a chance to write any of it yet.

From: [identity profile] autumnrhythm30.livejournal.com

SERIOUSLY! Same problem here. I think we are all on the same cycle.

From: [identity profile] mugglechump.livejournal.com

Well, my cycle is whenever-the-hell-it-feels-like-it, but it does seem to be afflicting us all right now.

From: [identity profile] spottedcat83.livejournal.com

Sometimes it feels like the whole lining comes loose at once and just slides right on out. Argh.

I ended up having the whole thing surgically removed, and I must say, I don't miss my monthly problem.

From: [identity profile] mugglechump.livejournal.com

If I weren't positive it was not the case, I'd have worried I was having a miscarriage. I don't need surgery, but a (really) early menopause would be most welcome.


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