Title: Subtlety in Potions
Rating: PG
Possible Spoilers/Warnings: Minor innuendo.
Summary: It's an older sister's job to look out for a younger sister, even if the difference is only a matter of minutes.
Notes: Laura requested a Cassandra drabble. (Cassandra Montgomery is an OC character from [livejournal.com profile] pinksheep_wench.)

He'd been staring almost since class had begun. The object of his attention hadn't noticed, she was entirely focused on the dog-eared potions book opened to page one hundred twenty-four, but Cassandra had noticed. She'd been watching him stare at Mira from the moment his eyes sought her out.

It wasn't difficult, Gryffindors had no tact.

Cassandra was a Slytherin, though, and she had not seen fit to clue Euan Abercrombie in to the fact that he'd been spotted. Not yet.

"You aren't chopping the yakon root, Cassiopeia."

Pulled from her vigil by the soft voice on her left, Cassandra turned to her twin. "Sorry?"

Mira didn't look up from her study, but pushed a thick, cylindrical tuber in Cassie's direction. "We need to add the yakon root next. Unpeeled, one-quarter-inch slices."

"Quarter-inch slices. Coming right up." As she set the root in front of her and picked up her knife, Cassandra spun her head and caught Euan's eye. Holding his gaze, she traced the knifepoint down the length of the tuber. When she reached the middle, she brought the knife down with a satisfying crunch, severing the long shaft into two separate halves.

A wicked grin curled her lips as the gangly Gryff blanched and turned away. Gryffindor bravery, my arse.

From: [identity profile] elle-blessing.livejournal.com


EEE!! I love this Kate! I know it's not for me, but *SQUEES!*

This is SO them, and Mira *nuzzles* her sister. (she IS pretty oblivious to those kinds of things. *pats her*)

I love the imagery, and getting to see Cassie's thought process and even Euan's cameo!

All around love. *SMOOSH!*

From: [identity profile] pyrobear.livejournal.com

He did not!

And that wasn't very nice, Cassie. But very amusing.

From: [identity profile] amazonmink.livejournal.com


I think I <3 Cassie. She reminds me of me.

From: [identity profile] leigh-adams.livejournal.com


A certain boy (hell, the only boy) in my head is looking at Cassandra and thinking lecherous thoughts. Wonder who that might be? :D

Loved it, Kate!


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