Swine flu panic, it sweeps through doctor's offices and emergency rooms, schools, offices, and even through the heart of our not-so-stalwart, moronic Vice President.

Every year the regular flu virus kills 36,000 people. In the U.S., there's been ONE confirmed death from the swine flu, a 2 year old Mexican child. You know, because it's the very young, very old, and those with poor immune systems that are most susceptible. There are only 109 confirmed cases in this country, and the treatment is pretty much the exact same as treatment for the regular flu, but everyone's in an uproar.
Mer called me this morning and told me she was sick. "I know this sounds ridiculous, but my friend told me to look up swine flu on the internet, and I have the symptoms. Can we go to the doctor and get it checked out?"

I assured her she didn't have swine flu, if she was sick she could stay home from school, but let's wait and see before rushing off to the doctor because unless she had an infection, there wasn't much they could do for her. Besides, it's spring in the allergy capitol of the universe and we went from temperatures in the 90s to temperatures in the 50s this week. People always get sick in changing weather.

She went to school, walked into her class looking a little flushed and coughing. The teacher didn't even let her sit down before she sent her out of the classroom and to the clinic. The nurse called me and wanted me to take Mer to the doctor to get a nasal swab to test for swine flu, just in case. Could we get an appointment today because they won't let her back in school without a note from the doctor saying she doesn't have it. *headdesk* Okay.

We go to the doctor, who is right there with us in the eye-rolling. The office is hopping because EVERYONE thinks they've got frickin' swine flu. He looks her over and says he thinks she's got bronchitis and allergies, but if we want him to, he'll prescribe Tamiflu, which doesn't actually cure the swine flu but just shortens the length of time you have it and reduces symptoms.

I don't really want to give her a drug she doesn't need, and I ask about the nasal swab, explaining that she has to have a note declaring her swine-flue-free to go back to school. Dr. V rolls his eyes. "The nasal swab tests for the regular flu. The only way to test for swine flu is to do a blood draw, send it to the CDC, and wait a week for a negative result."

So we're in between a rock and a hard place. Mer doesn't have swine flu, but the doctor can't provide us a written statement saying that because she hasn't been tested. We have the Tamiflu prescription, but I'm not going to fill it until I talk to the school nurse. She needs to know she's giving out bad information, and that Meredith can't miss her night school class if she's going to graduate. I'll be damned if I'm going to have her sit out a week for no reason. She'll stay home tomorrow because she is sick, but come Monday, I want her back in school. God help them if they give me a hard time.

People need to chill out and try to look at this with a tiny bit of perspective. And WHO needs quit trying to scare people over bullshit.

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My thoughts exactly.
My mother is a nurse and when I asked a few days ago about the swine flu, she said there is nothing to worry about and I believe her.

From: [identity profile] dragonsangel68.livejournal.com

*insert eye roll* I hope you sort the school nurse out for Mer's sake. Someone needs to slap her and calm her down ;)

The panic seems to be sweeping the world. I have football jumpers at the airport, but I can't get them until Tuesday, because they've been quarrantined and will be fumigated before they're released... They came from the East Coast of Australia and were made in Australia, where there are four suspected cases of swine flu. And it was reported last night that all our pharmacies have sold out of face masks, and won't be able to get anymore until late next week.

From: [identity profile] goddessvicky.livejournal.com

I work in the health field... And, you know, I specialize in reproductive health... you know it's bad when you have people coming to PLANNED PARENTHOOD wanting to get a prescription for tamiflu because they can't get into their NORMAL doctor... seriously...

From: [identity profile] amazonmink.livejournal.com

Of course I agree, mostly because I am sane.

I just really, really love your icon.

From: [identity profile] pyrobear.livejournal.com

May I just say mothers like you rock?


And this swine flu thing, it's a lot like regular flu and from what's been said, it seems like as long you're pretty healthy before hand, you'll probably be alright.

From: [identity profile] brendanm720.livejournal.com

As far as I can tell, it's EXACTLY like the regular flu, and you'll be fine so long as you are not a) very young, b) very old, or c) have some immune deficiency... Just like the regular flu.

[rolls eyes hardcore]
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From: [personal profile] jo_anne_storm

Next time someone freaks out, send them to this self-diagnosis site: http://doihavepigflu.com/ Maybe that will shut them up.

There's less than 300 confirmed cases world wide. Why the heck are people freaking out over this? I can name things that kill a lot more people every day than this flu has infected. And now Egypt is killing off all their pigs because they named it "swine" flu.

Good lord, people need to take a chill pill.

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Hahaha. I am so sorry.
This isn't humorous when you are going through it, but the ridiculous level of this is chart-topping.
I am with you with the full swine flu thing. Hell, I will even take it. I have to then be isloated for like a week right? I wouldn't mind that. Especially if you have a mild case, you are over it within a day or so, and then you still get 5 more days to be alone.
Or I would infect my boyfriend, and then we could be alone. :)
Really, all of this is just silly.

From: [identity profile] autumnrhythm30.livejournal.com

Oh, good God. Seems pretty ridiculous for them to tell her they can't let her in. She's taking flu meds now, that should be good enough. Not to mention, where the hell would she have gotten it, were she to have it?

Silly of them to act so make SUCH a big deal. I don't mind precautions, but this is too much.

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There are flus going around all the time. There is a flu going around right now that is not the swine flu, and a coworker of mine is getting over it. Whoop-de-do. It's just the flu.

I have a feeling that the deaths in Mexico have to do with the overcrowded conditions and an inept health system. It's not the flu that kills most people, but the pneumonia that comes after it. At least, that's the usual way flu progresses.

So if we all wash our hands frequently (which we are supposed to be doing anyway) and relax, I'm thinking that this will fade away.

And if I'm wrong, then I'll worry about it then. But not a MOMENT before!

WHO really does need to quit scaring people. We're talking about 109 people, at this point, in a country of... how many people are there in the U.S.? Good grief, I wouldn't even worry about 109 people having the flu in one city in the U.S.!

*wanders away to yawn at the TV*

From: [identity profile] brendanm720.livejournal.com


I've missed the boat here. Why in the fuck is everyone panicking?

Swine flu is... The flu. Influenza. You get it, you stay home for a few miserable days -- a week, MAX -- then you go about your business. The only difference is that it comes from pigs. Am I right, or have I missed some crucial niggling detail that makes all the difference?

Also, I'm pretty sure that our Doctor WHOs there don't know what Pandemic means...

From: [identity profile] spottedcat83.livejournal.com

Nah. I'm not panicking. Just washing my hands, which is what I do all the time, anyway. (Gives me lovely, sandpaper-y hands that look at least 15 years older than the rest of me.)

Actually, the point I was trying to make that 109 people isn't all that many in the first place. 109 million? I will worry. But not for 109.

I have to worry a little bit about bringing the flu home with me, or a cold, because my mom is 86, I live with her, and I take care of her. I try very hard not to pass anything on to her, because the elderly can die of the flu. She gets pneumonia easily, too, just from colds. So it's not just the current flu rage that I have to think about.

Perhaps this is why I'm not inclined to panic, myself. If I did, I'd have to panic every time somebody sneezed my direction! All I have to do is make sure I don't pass my germs on to Mom if I can avoid it. Again, it's not just the current disease-of-the-moment I wash my hands against. It's everything.

Anyway, that's about it.

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You do need to be careful around the very young, the very old, and the people who have bad immune systems.

But, then again, as you say, you need to do that anyway.

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It is highly irritating but most people are kind of joking about it. I have been sick fora while now with what I'm pretty damn sure was the regular flu and am still recovering you could say, but I'm not running off to get anything done because it's just like having the flu so what's the point?

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I'm with you. I was watching TV earlier and the local news commercial teaser said that they would list the schools that were going to be closed tomorrow because of the swine flu. Let's check... oh wait, there are 0 confirmed cases here.

The flu can be pretty bad (I mean, look at WWI), but I think the media hysteria is out of control. But I'm sure they're getting much higher viewers/readers, so it all works out in the end...


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