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( Mar. 13th, 2009 12:29 am)
Hello, wonderfully indulgent friends of mine. Would you mind clicking on my little black hatchling? He has less than two days to grow up and is being stubborn. Thank you very much.

Adopt one today!

In other news - I've had a headache all evening. Probably because I've been busy and not getting enough rest. Proving that I'm an idiot, I am still not in bed, despite having a meeting in just about seven and a half hours. Tomorrow will be another long day, I think, but then I can recharge over the weekend. I need it like whoa.

I've been introduced to Twitter and have a great time sending random messages of 140 characters or less and receiving the same from my Twitter buddies. One of the best parts? Speaking in cheezburger and driving Elle's Matt batty. Poor Matt. I can haz new friend, tho. Yay.

On the political front, Larry the Cable Guy said it best. "We swore him in almost two months ago and we ain't stopped swearing since." I am so incredibly horrified by the spending frenzy, I can't even tell you. This guy's wasted no time getting the far left agenda started. For the first time in my life, I'm really worried about what will happen to my country - and I lived through the Carter years! Our current leaders seem to have no respect for capitalism or the Constitution - the things that made us great and define the USA. Seriously, I'd like to stick my carbon footprint up Obama's ass.

On that note, bedtime for me.


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