Hey there, flisters! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Hurray for Jesus and His grace! Congratulations to [livejournal.com profile] elle_blessing on her baptism, too.

I'm about to head to bed, but here are some random thoughts in no particular order.

- I miss Robert Irvine. I don't care that he lied about his resume, he should be doing Dinner Impossible. My crush on him only has a little to do with this.

- I really need to go get my jaw fixed. I have TMJ. It was really bad on the left side and I had that operated on about 15 years ago. Now the right side has gotten to the point that it's becoming a nuisance and giving me headaches.

- I'm debating giving up my friends only status. I did it hastily, and frankly, most of what I say here is no big secret. I would still lock really personal things, but I wonder sometimes if the overall exclusivity is really protecting me from anything or if it just makes my non-fans assume I'm talking smack behind a wall. Do I care? Am I being paranoid and arrogant? These are the questions. It's just livejournal, after all, and I doubt I'm such a fascinating person that anyone really spends time pondering the reasons I feel the need to 'hide'. I'm rambling. Let's move on.

- Things are happening for Romy (one of my rpg characters) that make me very happy. It's taken forever to get to this point, and I think she's earned a little happiness. :D

- You can pre-order Season One of Sons of Anarchy on Amazon now. There's no release date listed, though, so I'm hesitant to do so. It is a decent price, though. Mmmm. Jax Teller.

- I really like corned beef with cabbage, potatoes, and carrots. Good stuff.

- When I make the effort, I'm pretty damned good at my job.

I need sleep. Night, everyone!


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