Got a call from [ profile] mynuet this evening, and chatted with her for an hour or so. I very rarely get calls from anyone that isn't selling something or inquiring about a bill, so I was geeked! There was a fair amount of laughing and only a little worry on my part of 'Will she like me?', which was nice because I usually feel like a socially awkward ass when speaking to someone for the first time. So, *squee* all around!

I started reading 'Dragon & Angel' today. *listens to the collective gasp of "You're only just NOW reading it?!"* I have a hard time with long stories because I don't want to stop reading. I finally tore myself away so I could do other things, but I expect I'll get back to it shortly and I'll stay up very late to finish it and be very tired tomorrow. Perhaps I will acquire a little bit of self discipline and get to bed at a reasonable hour, but I wouldn't place any bets on it. Good fic, it does me in.

Meredith is having exams now. Today she only had one because her other period was resource, so James picked her up early since it was his flex day. The courthouse (where James works) was having little test of its employees customer service skills and knowledge of the building. They were having the public in and tasking them with finding an intern in a particular part of the building by asking questions of employees. James took Meredith in to have her participate. She found the intern. Never let it be said that Meredith can't find a boy. James also took her to replace her learner's permit, which was stolen along with her purse and tennis shoes in Hawaii.

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At least tel me you've read at least Rainpuddle's stories. I loved D&A. I'm just waiting for author of said story to update the sequel *glares in [ profile] dragonsangel68's direction*

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For some reason my first reply is not showing up.

Yes, I've read all the Tangled Web arc that I've been able to get my hands on. Some might even call me a pushy fangirl.
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Yep! You're in for some good reading :) Then you can go get yourself all TANGLED up in a WEB of more goodness! There is one particular character that is just awesome! She is Madame Ursula!! She owns the dress shop in the village...wheeeeee! XD!! Of course this lovely author is our very own RAINPUDDLE13. Have you visited the dress shop yet? *grin*

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*grins* I have visited the dress shop! I didn't make the connection at the time. Yay for for Urs' place in lovely fanfic!


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