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( Feb. 28th, 2007 08:24 am)
Oh how happy I will be to drive away tomorrow.

Things to accomplish before I leave in approximately 24 hours:

- Get dressed
- Call Mer's school and say she'll be late
- Pay car note
- Pay water bill
- Take Mer for CT Scan Not fun.
- Pick up referral for Mer's GI specialist appt. (Crap! I forgot.) Will do on the way out of town.
- Work 8 hours (Shooting for 6 now) Got 7.5, close enough.
- Save files to my laptop hard drive so work can be accomplished while on trip, reducing the need for taking leave without pay
- Feed Mom's cat
- Leave extra key for pet sitter
- Mail rent check
- Leave deposit slip for James for his half of the rent
- Laundry
- Pack clothes & toiletries
- Put Cynthia's phone #s in my cell
- Go to grocery store
- Buy a surge protector for Mer Not happening before I leave.
- Buy Mer a strapless bra for her formal this weekend Leaving cash for her to go with a friend.
- Get cash for trip and for Mer's expenses during my trip
- Go get Mom's van
- Finish packing stuff for Shar
- Pick games to bring on trip
- Put snacks, directions, luggage, games, stuff for Shar in van
- Get gas Will do on way out of town.

Trip = relaxation. Trip preparation = stress. Bah.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'd better get started.

ETA: And miles to go before I sleep...
ETA 2: A bit more progress. Laundry is in progress. Snacks are purchased, directions are in laptop case.
This morning I pulled into the parking lot and promptly realized that I'd left my laptop at home. *headdesk*

After driving home to get it and driving back to work, I realized I left my cell phone and my yogurt (breakfast) in the car.

Screw it. I'm not going to go get them.

I had an email from my mom waiting for me when I got in the office. My grandmother is still in the rehab facility/nursing home. At this point they are telling my mom that she probably shouldn't live alone - at least for the time being. They think she needs either an aide or to live in a nursing home full time. We'll see.

My brother Chris, who lives in FL, apparently has the flu. Hopefully he'll be recovered by the time I head down there because I like hanging out with him, but I'd rather not get sick.

It seems that my uncle is in Florida right now, too, staying at my late grandmother's place. So, maybe I can finagle a night or two over there if Grandma Brown's apartment gets too cramped. (Ok, so maybe I'd rather stay at the large waterfront house than in a retirement community one bedroom apartment with three other people. Sue me. I'm selfish.)

I need to email my friend Cynthia and let her know I'll be in town. Hmm. I ought to bring her some kind of gift, too. I never sent her a present when she got married last year.

I've found someone to take care of my mom's cat while I'm gone, so WOO for that! It's $18/day for the lady to come out and feed her (also get the mail, play with her, clean the litter box, etc...), but her vet wanted $38/day to board her in a little cage, so I figure I'm still getting a decent deal. For my entrepreneurial friends - dog walking and pet sitting is big business. A lady Becky knows from the Chamber of Commerce just bought out 5 dog walking businesses, and employs something like 50 people to handle all the work. People love their pets, and will spend boatloads of money to care for them - especially if you live in or near an area with a lot of white collar professional types. Personal concierge businesses are good, too.

It appears that Meredith is just getting the entire month of February off. No school today due to the snow. Never mind that the roads have been cleared and it's supposed to hit 45 today. Oh well, she'd probably be out sick anyway, at least this way she's not missing class.

James is sick, too. He just has a bad cold, though. Thank God I've got a good immune system. For realz.

I talked to my dad briefly today for the first time in several months. I didn't ask him for money. Yay me. You'd think he could call me once in awhile. I'm not that hard to track down, you know?

I need to pay my car note and the water bill. *nods* I'll do that today.

I suppose I should do some actual work now. Meh.

(In less than 72 hours I will be on my way to [ profile] mynuet's. :D)
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 12:14 am)
Next Thursday (March 1st) I begin my trek down to Florida to help my mom help my grandmother. Or something. I think we're trimming down the unnecessary clothes and clutter in my grandmother's apartment, and making sure that she's set up with a physical therapist to help her recover from her recent stroke once she's home from the rehab center.

Anyway, while the main purpose of this trip is not especially happy or exciting, there is happiness and excitement to be had -

- Because I'm going to stop over in Georgia and hang out with [ profile] mynuet! *SQUEES* I'm very excited. Really. Very. Excited.

It will be a good time.

Did I mention that I'm excited?
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( Feb. 17th, 2007 11:58 pm)
I've been a whiney, emo mess the last two days. I'd suspect PMS, except I haven't had period in probably five or six months, and I have no reason to think I'll have one anytime soon. Meh. Anyway, that's why I've not been on AIM much. I haven't really wanted to subject anyone to me in my present state of mind. Bitter would be an appropriate adjective to describe me at the mo'. Mean might be another good one, although it's not really intentional. I'm a mass of simmering rage, jealousy, self-doubt, and self-pity and it's really starting to become annoying.

In addition to the personal issues that are responsible for my emo-ness, yesterday I realized I had made a significant error on a piece of work I'd done for one of the division managers. I owned up to it straight away, but the DM was sufficiently irritated that he called my boss. Fortunately, Jeff is really laid back and the error itself was a very simple one, it just happened to have a big effect. So, I'm not worried about fallout from the mistake, it just irritates me when I do something stupid. Especially when it's high-profile.

Anyway, enough of that.

I called Lys today and got a hold of her. She was in Venice for Carnival. I'm glad I got to talk to her, although she was, of course, very busy with the goings-on so it was not perhaps the ideal moment to speak to her for the first time. It made me happy, though. I miss her.

Today I watched 'Snakes on a Plane'. I had no interest in this movie while it was in the theatre, but I'd heard some good things so I decided to check it out. I laughed my butt off. I don't think that's the reaction the producers were going for, but it was hilarious. The premise is ridiculous, really, and Juliana Marg-howeveryouspellherlastname did the worst bit of acting I've ever seen from her. I was rolling, though. Parts of it reminded me so much of 80s horror flicks, with the gratuitous boob shots and sex humor. Someone I've seen around LJ has a great Snakes on a Plane/Harry Potter icon. I must seek it out and steal it (with permission, of course).

Emmie, I mailed out your CD today. I'm sorry we didn't get to talk last night, but I was really out of sorts and wouldn't have been any fun. We'll catch up soon, though, okay?

I'm not sure if I mentioned it on here or not, but about two weeks ago my grandmother had a stroke. It wasn't a major one, but she's been in the hospital and then in a nursing home for rehab ever since. My mom is flying down to St. Pete on Wednesday to help get things ready for when she goes home again, and I'll be driving down in a little less than two weeks. More details on that as things get firmed up, but I plan to at least one stop on the way down to visit with a friend, possibly more if I'm passing through other folks' areas at a time convenient for lunch or chit chat.


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