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( Nov. 19th, 2007 12:55 am)
It just occurred to me that I have to get all my quarterly updates done by Wednesday because no one will be around to approve them on Thursday and Friday. It's not that I was unaware of the upcoming holiday, I just hadn't fully comprehended the effect it had on my deadlines. Shit.

Corner Gas is a cute show. I was giggling my butt off tonight. If only that was a real weight loss solution.

I've caught Meredith's cold. Now it's too late to take Nyquil, so I'll be hacking all night. Hurrah. Another excellent example of my ability to plan effectively.

Meredith's hermit crabs are boring. Shocker. She's certain that her friend Justin's hermit crabs were more exciting. I'm sure they were, given that Meredith hung out with Justin when she was about seven. *bangs head*

I have now putzed around until 1:00. I'm going to bed.
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( Sep. 11th, 2007 05:01 pm)
Like my Alice icon? I know, I know, her hair isn't right, but she was pale and waifish, and it has that whole red/white/black theme going on. Also, if you look carefully, I colored her eyes to show that she's not thirsty right now. *cough*

I'm getting close to the end of Eclipse, but I'm not quite done yet. Bella is still irritating me. Or, I should say she's irritating me again. I wasn't as upset with her in New Moon as some of you indicated you were. Anyway, I'll write up my thoughts after I finish the rest of this last book.

Speaking of books, I don't think I ever shared my thoughts on City of Bones. I won't go into the plot, but basically... )

I've gotten lots of mail in the last couple days! I got TWO cards and a totally cute DRABBLE from Emmie, and letters from Cyn and Gina! I've said it before and I'll say it again - my friends ROCK!

Oh, and I'm feeling better now. Thank you for all the well wishes! *reiterates bit about friends who rock*

On a sad note, I've decided to put down my handsome black kitty, Jinx. His mobility has gotten really bad due to his neurological problems. It's time. He's not in pain, and he's generally a pretty happy cat, but he doesn't really walk anymore. He pulls himself along with his front paws most of the time. He has a very hard time navigating the litter box, and often falls back out - right through his mess. He has thyroid issues. The fact that he's not sick or in pain makes it really difficult, though. I wouldn't feel as guilty if he was miserable. So, that's happening on Thursday. James is coming out to see him tomorrow. I haven't told Mer yet, but I will tonight. I will miss my little dude. He's a pretty awesome cat.

So tonight I've got to clean up a bit around the house. It's embarrassingly unchanged since James was last over - a month or two ago... I also need to do laundry.

Also, later this evening I'm having dinner with Richard. And I need to go buy cat food and milk. *sigh* I'm glad Mer's practice was cancelled!
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( Sep. 8th, 2007 03:05 pm)
I woke up this morning and immediately knew that I'd caught the stomach virus that's going around. It's taunted me all day. I'm glad I recognized it and made arrangements for Richard (BIL) to take Mer to her game, because it has finally started it's assault.

I hate being sick.
The One Where Kate is a Whiny Beyotch )

Nizlopi is soothing. One day I'm going to track down Luke & John and hug them.
It's 7:00 on Friday night. What am I doing? I'm sitting in my office, frantically trying to get done with my 'urgent' work so that I can go home - and sit in front of my personal computer. There are many ways to describe me. I'm a creature of habit, a geek, a chunky monkey. I am not, however, exciting. Alas, I suppose you can't have everything.

I don't think I've mentioned it, but Meredith has been out of school all week. She started throwing up Monday morning and other than sleeping (a lot), that's all she's really done since then. We went to the doctor yesterday, but it's a viral thing. Nothing to do but wait it out and try to get her to drink enough clear fluids (a more difficult task than you'd expect). What a nice way to start out the new grading period. Nothing like being behind from the get go.

Well, my spreadsheet has finished calculating, so I think I'll get back to the grindstone.
A relatively brief rundown of my weekend:

Saturday - Did a bit of laundry and some minor cleaning. Went to Richard & Tracey's to celebrate our nephew Maiken's third birthday. James' mom is in town, so we got to see her, too. Watched a stand-up comedy special on DVD called 'Thou Shalt Laugh' and giggled quite a lot. I expect we'll be randomly saying "I am staring at the man" for the next month or so. Got home around 1:00 a.m.

Sunday - Got up at 8:00 to feed the critters. Went back to bed. James mentioned that he wasn't feeling well, and thought he was suffering for having eaten poorly the day before. Several trips to the bathroom to purge one end or the other later, we established that it's likely he's gotten some sort of flu bug. I may have it, too, but I have not had all the same issues that James has, so maybe not. I stayed in bed, snoozing and reading until nearly noon. Then I got up and took Mer to her friend's house and did my grocery shopping. James was finally driven from the bed around 4:30 this afternoon, feeling dehydrated. The rest of the day has really just been a lot of lounging, reading, and computer using.

I took pictures last night, but I didn't get very many good ones. I may post some in a bit.
Thank God it's Friday. This week has dragged on and on, and I've accomplished virtually nothing. *sigh* At least I remembered to pay my rent on time, though. Yay me.

Responses to my question yesterday were interesting. I got six yeses, four nos, and one combination of the two. I suppose it's a definitive maybe.

Meredith came home early yesterday because she was feeling poorly. She's had a cold and cough for a couple weeks. The school nurse said that there have been a couple cases of Whooping Cough at the school, and that we should probably take Mer to the doctor to see if she's got it. So, this morning I took her to the doctor. He said he doesn't think she had Whooping Cough, just a sinus infection, but he put her on an antibiotic that would take care of either issue just in case. I dropped her off at school, ran some errands, and came to work. As I walked into my office my cell phone rang, it was the school nurse. Apparently Virginia school regulations state that any child suspected of having Whooping Cough must stay out of school for five days, so that they don't infect other kids. I explained that Mer isn't suspected of having it, the doc just prescribed an medicine that would treat it as a precautionary measure. It's much more likely that she has a sinus infection. In any case, the nurse said (apologetically), with any infection she needs to stay home for 24 hours after starting antibiotics. In order for them to allow her back without the five day banishment, I have to get the doctor to fax them a letter stating that he doesn't not suspect she has Whooping Cough.


1) According to the doctor, Whooping Cough can be dangerous for babies and other such small people, but for adult-sized folks it isn't really that big a deal. This regulation may make sense for elementary school children, but for high schoolers it's kind of stupid.
2) Sinus infections are pretty low on the contagious scale.
3) Meredith does not need to miss more school. Seriously folks, she does not need your help to get crummy grades.

At least I talked them into letting her walk home. I'd just gotten to work when they called. I was not about to turn right around and drive 40 minutes back to P'Ville. Now if the doctor would just call me back.

And Lys leaves for Italy in six days. *sniffle*
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( Dec. 18th, 2006 10:52 pm)
I took today off because my migraine and nausea had not gone away from yesterday. I'm more behind now than I was before, and that was pretty far behind, but I'm glad I took the day. The days to Christmas are getting fewer and fewer, and I expect by the time it arrives I'll be thoroughly exhausted. I love the holidays. *snicker* I do, honestly, but I wish I was better at planning my time.

I had three cards in the mail today! Many thanks to [ profile] dragonsangel68, [ profile] liliaevans, and [ profile] chelley3. I squeed and squeed! The rest of the household is jealous of all my mail. *beams*

My thoughts and prayers are with those folks on my flist who are going through difficult times right now. *hugs* to all of you, you know who you are.


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